Planning & Infrastructure


Planning &



4007 Espaniel Street

PO Box 610

Massey, ON  P0P 1P0 



   (705) 865-2421

1 (800) 567-2896




   Monday to Friday   

  8:30 am - 4:30 pm




  Technical Services

  Gary W. Toulouse 

      Director, Planning & Infrastructure  ext. 243

  Kimberly Toulouse

      Public Works Clerk                         ext. 239

  Melissa Poitras

      Data Systems Clerk                        ext. 260

  Joe Trudeau

      Project Technologist                       ext. 261 


Community Infrastructure

  Sadie Southwind

      Community Infrastructure Department Manager                                                             ext. 251

  Dan Owl

      General Maintenance Worker/OBT 



  Mark Eshkakogan

      Senior Water Operator   

   Kayla Abitong

      Water/Waste Technician    



  Merlin Abitong

     Road Supervisor    

  Maurice Abitong

     Road Maintenance Worker   

  Kyle Abitong

     Heavy Equipment Operator    


 Waste Management

  Ezra Owl

     Waste Management Coordinator    ext. 284



  Bruce Southwind

      Fire Chief                                    ext. 211


The Planning & Infrastructure Department is very similar to what other communities might refer to as their Public Works Department.  The responsibility to the organization is to manage the community infrastructure of Sagamok Anishnawbek.  We oversee the planning and maintenance of the existing and future infrastructure. 


The services we deliver are safe and reliable road systems, fresh, clean, treated water to homes, and safe and accessible public buildings.


Our main offices are located within the Administration Building located at 4007 Espaniel Road. 


Planning & Infrastructure Department is structured into six (6) program areas that deliver services directly to our community members and organization. 



Do you want to request a service related to Housing, Water, Waste Management, Roads or Fire and Emergency Services? 

Housing - General Maintenance Emergencies

(705) 863-5245    or    (705) 863-5207


Water - Related Emergencies

(705) 863-2874    or    (705) 863-2608




Technical Services is comprised of four (4) staff members: 

The Technical Services Unit: