Indigenous Addictions Services - Outside of Sagamok



MENTAL HEALTH & ADDICTIONS SERVICE CENTRES in the North Shore Region, Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie that are open to all.  


Health Sciences North



Outpatient Addictions and Gambling Service (OAGS)

127 Cedar Street              Sudbury, ON      705.523.4988 ext. 4211


This service offers a wide range of individual and group counselling and outpatient treatment programs for youth, adults and family members with drug, alcohol and/or gambling problems.  Self-referrals are accepted as well as referrals from family members and health care providers with the consent of the person being referred.



Espanola Site          Mental Health & Addictions Clinic

1-90 Grey Street               Espanola, ON     705.869.1564


This community-based program serves youth, adults and family members who are affected by drug, alcohol and/or gambling problems.  Communities served include Espanola and surrounding areas:  Nairn Centre, McKerrow, Willisville, Whitefish Falls, Webbwood, Massey and Walford. The main office is located in Espanola with an outreach office in Massey.



Withdrawal Management Services (WMS)

336 Pine Street, Suite 100             Sudbury, ON      705.671.7366


WMS offers detoxification beds for males and females 16 years of age and older, who are under the influence of, or in withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. The centre is open 24/7 to provide an environment free from substance use.  It is a level 2 withdrawal management service where individuals receive supportive care to help them through their withdrawal symptoms and the withdrawal process. Individuals must be conscious and medically stable to enter the facility.


Tapering protocols to manage withdrawal symptoms may be initiated in co-operation with the individual’s own physician.


During the detoxification period, information is provided to individuals about outpatient and residential drug and alcohol assessment and treatment processes, and referrals for treatment can be facilitated. Support group meetings are made available to individuals on-site.  Early recovery issues are also discussed in an educational group.






RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT CENTRES providing services to indigenous clients using culturally-centred approaches.  Three of the four centres identified are located in Northern Ontario.  

Refer yourself or come in to Saswin to have them help with your admission referrals!


Benbowopka Treatment Centre          Blind River, Ontario


Benbowopka Treatment Centre provides a culturally based harm reduction model of services to those seeking residential treatment for substance abuse.


It operates a 16-bed residential treatment program for both males and females who are 18 years of age and older and seeking treatment for substance abuse. 


The main residence has shared bedrooms, multiple bathroom facilities, onsite laundry, a workout facility and dining room supported by a full time cook. 


There is also a Sacred Fire Building, Sweat Lodge, Arbor area and screened in gazebo and meeting place on the water's edge.  These spaces are used for cultural treatment programs. 




Individuals participate in individual counseling, group education sessions, talking circles, learning relaxation techniques (yoga and drumming), learning the importance of addressing physical health (proper nutrition and exercise), and addressing spiritual health (activities and teachings). 


Find out what to bring, what not to bring, and what to think about before coming here:



Cultural and Traditional Components


Admission Eligibility: 


Program Schedule

Intake Dates                      Completion Dates

March 22, 2018                  April 19, 2018



Apply for admission: 

Find the form and instruction on sending here:

You can also download the referral form here:


Download their service brochure here:



Benbowopka Treatment Centre

144 Causley Street, Blind River, Ontario  P0R 1B0

(705) 356-1681

(705) 356-1684 (fax)




Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc.          Wikwemikong, Ontario 


Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc. offers an addictions treatment program based on an Anishnawbek cultural framework and utilizing a cognitive behavioural approach.  The structured program includes sharing circles, education on various substances, cultural teachings, self assessments, CBT sessions and aftercare planning. 


Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc.'s vision is "to empower individuals and families toward a healthy lifestyle, healing and wellness, through education utilizing cultural holistic approaches". 



Pre-Treatment Services

Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc. helps clients prepare for a treatment program admission, including intake and assessments, monitoring abstinence from misused substances, monitoring referrals for medical, legal or other services, support counseling, detox support.  They also provide services following treatment where possible. 



Residential / Day / Outpatient - Addictions Treatment Programs

Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc offers clients options of a residential (four week), day or outpatient addictions treatment program.  Their programs are for males and females who are 18 years of age and over. 


Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc. uses a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach that is integrated within the foundation of the Anishnawbek Seven Grandfather Teachings over the course of four weeks.  During week one, clients are oriented to their journey, provided teachings on Respect and Humility, set goals, and introduced to CBT.  During week two, clients are provided teachings on Truth and Honesty, understand the stages of change and the impacts of addictions.  During week three, clients are provided teachings on Bravery and Wisdom, introduced to problem solving techniques and perspectives of wellness and recovery.  During week four, clients are provided teachings on Love and the journey within, cultural teachings and prepare for their program's completion. 



Support Counseling

After Care, Relapse Prevention and Continuing Care Services



Program Schedule

Intake Dates                      Completion Dates

April 16, 2018                     May 11, 2018

May 22, 2018                     June 15, 2018

June 25, 2018                    July 20, 2018

August 7, 2018                   August 31, 2018

September 10, 2018            October 5, 2018

October 15, 2018                November 9, 2018

November 19, 2018             December 14, 2018



Admission Eligibility


Download the Referral Package you're going to need to apply to Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc. here:


Download their service brochure here:



Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc. (Rainbow Lodge)

56 Pitawanakwat Street P.O. Box 81

Wikwemikong, Ontario P0P 2J0

(705) 859-2324           1-877-NGWAAGAN (649-2242)

(705) 859-2325 (fax)



Dilico Ojibway Child and Family Services  Adult Residential Treatment Centre        Fort William First Nation


The Adult Residential Treatment Centre (ARTC) provides a safe, clinically based approach to treatment for alcoholism and drug dependency. The 6-week treatment program for males and females 18 years of age and over.  It successfully combines cultural teachings, and clinical counseling with a client centered, strengths based approach to wellness. Therapeutic community principles of peer support, cooperation, open communication and shared rehabilitative goals are taught.


The ART offers intake, assessment, group and individual counseling, cultural teachings, aftercare planning, a 12 week aftercare program and referrals to recover homes for post treatment. 


The 12 week aftercare support program provides group counseling, relapse prevention, education, case management and client-centred support services.  The program is based on a harm reduction model, encouraging individuals who are addressing their addictions to continue to stay involved with the Aftercare Program until all their needs are addressed. 


Admission Eligibility


Download the Admission Package Materials for Dilico Ojibway Child and Family Services's Adult Residential Treatment Centre here:


Dilico Ojibway Child and Family Services

200 Anemki Place, Fort William First Nation, Ontario  P7J 1L6

(807) 623-8511

(807) 626-7999 (fax)



Native Horizons Treatment Centre          Hagarsville, Ontario 


Native Horizons Treatment Centre offers a six week residential program for males and females over the age of 18 years who are seeking to address substance misuse and related issues.  The program is aimed at addressing addictions issues and the underlying causes of addictions, recognizing trauma as a common factor. 


The residence houses 15 individuals with a common room, seven bedrooms (6 two-person rooms, 1 three-person room and 1 room equipped for a physically disabled person) and social areas. 


The program's structured components include orientation, self-assessment, self-awareness, psychological education, identification of life traumas and patterns, expressing emotions, understanding relapse, after care and recovery planning.  Interventions employed included individual and group education sessions, individual and group counseling, experiential learning exercises, psycho-dramatic bodywork, reality therapy/control theory, cultural teachings and ceremonies, recreation, arts, crafts, physical exercise and outside presentations. 


Admission Eligibility


Download the Native Horizons Treatment Centre Intake Package here:


Download the required Drug Use Screening Inventory form here:


Download the Native Horizons Treatment Centre House Rules here:



Native Horizons Treatment Centre

130 New Credit Road, Hagarsville, Ontario  N0A 1H0

(905) 768-5144         1-877-330-8467

(905) 768-5564 (fax)


Gwekwaadziwin Miikan

Youth Mental Health & Addiction Program



Land Based Treatment



Stabilization, emotional growth, self-management skills and social skills.


Program Length:

3 months

Live In AfterCare



Provide a stable environment for participatns to continue developing and practicing therapeutic skills


Program length:

6 months – 1 year

Community AfterCare



Reintegration of participants into their home community.


Program Length:

6 months

This is a treatment program that incorporates outdoor experiential learning and is conducted completely in the wilderness. 


The program will focus on weaving therapeutic techniques with Anishinabek Culture.

Participants will live in a supervised 11 bed transition house located in Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation (A.O.K., formerly known as Sucker Creek First Nation).  They will be encouraged to attend regular groups and one-on-one counselling and to attend work, school or volunteer opportunities. 


Programming costs are fully funded, though participants are fully responsible for paying for their accommodations (on a geared-to-income basis) and their own food, toiletries and other personal expenses. 

A gradual transition to either independent living or living with family, as well as full reintegration into their home community. 


Participants will be offered appropriate referrals to community services and peer support groups. 


Gwekwaadziwin Miikan staff will maintain contact to continue offering support through personal meetings as well as phone, text and social media conversations. 



Criteria for Admission

  • Age 19-30 years.
  • Open to Anishinabek values and traditions. 


Criteria for Admission

  • Age 19-30 years.
  • Open to Anishinabek values and traditions
  • Completed treatment through Gwekwaadziwin Land Based program or in another facility within the past 6 months.
  • Committed to recovery.


Criteria for Admission

  • Age 19-30 years.
  • Completed treatment through Gwekwaadziwin Land Based program or in another facility within the past 6 months.
  • Committed to recovery.




Applying to Gwekwaadziwin Miikan


Download Gwekwaadziwin Miikan Application Package here:


Download Gwekwaadziwin Miikan Participant Consent Form here:


For more information on Gwekwaadziwin Miikan's services, please contact Admission Coordinator by phoning (705) 370-5307, faxing to (705) 370-5308, emailing  


Gwekwaadziwin Miikan's hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm.


Visit Gwekwaadziwin Miikan online at