Gweyaksijigewin Teg


Monday to Friday

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Closed for lunch 12-12:30pm


Telephone: 705-865-1884


Unit #2, 610 Sagamok Road, Ednkamagak (Millenium) Center, P.O. Box 610,

Sagamok Anishnawbek, ON, P0P 1P0




Gweyaksijigewin Teg 

(A Place Where Things are Made Right)

Formerly Community Justice Program


Gweyaksijigewin Teg works with and supports Sagamok Anishnawbek community members with their legal issues. Gweyaksijigewin Teg offers a diversion program (pre & post charge), victim services, legal aid and advice clinic, probation, bail supervision and many more. For more information about our services see;

Our Staff

Christopher Weatherley – Community Justice Coordinator

Joslyn Paibomsai – Administrative Assistant

Amanda Sheppard – Victim Service Coordinator

Pam Sago-Toulouse – Community Justice Worker

Barbara Southwind – By Law Enforcement Coordinator


Miwdoodaa Mino Maadiziwin Diversion Program

Carrying a Good Life  

            Miwdoodaa Mino Maadiziwin Diversion program offers services to persons before (pre-charge) or after (post-charge) they have been charged with a criminal offence. This program offers individual an opportunity to right the wrong they have committed, which results in criminal charges not being laid or being withdrawn.

                If accepted into the program the person must complete a healing and wellness plan which is created with the assistance of Community Justice Committee. Each healing and wellness plan  focuses upon the individual’s spiritual, emotional, physical and mental well-being. Once the activities on the healing and wellness plan are completed, the diversion is finished which results in charges not being laid or charges being withdrawn. 

For more information please contact:

Pam Sago-Toulouse (Community Justice Worker) or 705-865-1884 

 Christopher Weatherley (Community Justice Coordinator) at 705-865-1884 ext 201      


Anishinaabe Aadziwin Dbaaknige Ogimaawin – Victim Services

Culturally Relevant and Responsive Justice System

            Anishinaabe Aadziwin Dbaaknige Ogimaawin Victim Services program offers support and assistance to Sagamok Anishnawbek community members who have been victimized. The program provides referrals and connections to victim services within and outside the community. It assists victim through the Miwdoodaa Mino Maadiziwin Diversion program and the justice system. The program creates a healing and wellness plan with victims to restore sense of safety and well-being. As well, provides assistance with forms and victim impact statements.

                Anishinaabe Aadziwin Dbaaknige Ogimaawin Victim Services program provides education and awareness of victims issues.


For more Information please contact:

 Amanda Sheppard (Victim Service Coordinator) at 705-865-1884  


By-law Enforcement Development

                Barbara Southwind is our By-law Enforcement Coordinator developing a system for enforcing By-laws within Sagamok Anishnawbek.

For more Information please contact:

 Barbara Southwind at 705-865-1884 ext 202   


Aboriginal Legal Aid Advice Clinics

                Gweyaksijigewin Teg coordinates monthly Aboriginal Legal Aid Advice Clinics within Sagamok Community with an experienced lawyer. If you meet the financial criteria you can receive up to a half hour of free summary legal advice on wills and estates, civil, criminal law or family law. 

Upcoming dates are:

To Book an appointment with the Aboriginal Legal Aid Advice Clinic please contact:

 Joslyn Paibomsai at 705-865-1884 ext 200    


Other Services

                Gweyaksijigewin Teg hosts Probation  and Parole attending the office every two weeks to meet with clients, as well as the Elizabeth Fry Society – Bail Supervision Program. Gweyaksijigewin Teg provides assistance with persons wishing to apply for a record suspensions.  

Vannaleigh Vlahovich - Probation Officer - 705-869-2882

Elizabeth Fry Society - 705-673-1364


Community Justice Committee

                The Community Justice Committee is comprised of Community Members, Elders, and Chief & Council Representatives who assists with the program development of Gweyaksijigewin Teg. As well they assist with Miwdoodaa Mino Maadiziwin Diversion program to create healing and wellness plans for individuals.

Current Community Justice Committee Members: