MEMORANDUM Potential Spring Flooding Preparedness Issued April 15, 2019
Posted: Apr 15, 2019

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Date:    Monday, April 15, 2019

To:        Sagamok Community

From:   Bruce Southwind, Fire Chief



There has been considerable snowfall this past winter over the watersheds that drain out the Spanish River into the North Channel of Lake Huron.  While we’ve experienced some late season thaws, snowpack volumes over the Spanish River, Sable River and Vermillion watersheds remain high. 


We are expecting temperatures to rise now that spring is setting in and as the snowpacks in our watershed systems melt, the Sagamok Fire Department will be monitoring the volumes of waters flowing through the Spanish River and assessing the water’s impact on our road systems infrastructure. 


Of concern are any threats to the our roads infrastructure that could cut access to traffic and people in and out of our community.  Our single Main Access Road is of vital importance to our community and our members depend upon it . 


The Sagamok Fire Department will further monitor flooding threats to private homes and infrastructure located close to water bodies and to provide advice to homeowners  on the status of water levels and the dangers posed to residential areas. 


REDUCED SPEED LIMITS        Drivers are asked to respect the newly posted 50 km/h speed limit placed upon Sagamok’s Main Access Road.  A slower speed does not generate the same intensity of vibrations that can weaken the road structure, especially along potential unstable sections that follow riverbanks.   


HALF-LOADS IN EFFECT        Heavy loads can vibrate the materials that roads are constructed with and the earth that they are constructed on.  This is a particular problem when a road is constructed along a water body’s shoreline and vibrations can cause banks to destabilize and collapse into the water.  All large vehicles like dump trucks, delivery trucks, concrete trucks and heavy equipment floats are required to observe the posted half-load restriction and help prevent damage to our road beds. 


FAMILES BE FLOODSMART—Reduce Your Risk       There is no impending risk of flooding, this year, but flood waters and conditions are being monitored by the Sagamok Fire Department to ensure the


Sagamok community is prepared for any flood dangers if they occur.  Families are encouraged to do what they can to prepare for any flooding and reduce their risks, including:


· Practice your family’s home evacuation plan

· Put together an emergency kit together

· Collect important papers and valuables in a safe, dry place

· Gather supplies in case of a storm

· Strengthen your home against damage

· Consider home insurance coverage that included flooding


CHECK IN ON FAMILY MEMBERS, FRIENDS        There are a number of vulnerable community members residing in throughout the Sagamok community who may not be able to check their home for flood water threats and damage, not to mention address any flooding that they may be experiencing.  These people would very much appreciate a check-in by someone who might be able to help them out by having a look in their basements and around their homes to see if there are any flood threats or damage that they should be aware of.  Please take it upon yourself to check in on our families and friends who may  need your help. 



Tenants are reminded to ensure that sump pumps are plugged in and in operating condition as requested in a Housing Department Advisory issued March 13, 2019.  Tenants are asked to check their basements for water and to contact the Housing Department to report any flooding in their homes and to request assistance.  They are also advised to take necessary precautions to protect their personal property from flooding. 


The Sagamok Fire Department will continue to monitor the waterflows of the Spanish River and provide updates to the Sagamok community on the status of the river’s water levels and any threats posed to Sagamok’s roads and residential areas. 


All updates on Potential Spring Flooding will be posted first to the Members of Sagamok Anishnawbek facebook group and then uploaded to the news section of the website.



PO Box 610     Massey, ON     P0P 1P0

(705) 865-2421       1 (800) 567-2896



Follow the posted

50 km/h speed limit



Commercial & Industrial

vehicular traffic are

required to follow posted

half-load  restrictions

until otherwise lifted



Be prepared for flooding emergencies in your home and community


Check on family and friends to help them monitor their homes and properties for potential flooding or damage that has already occurred and to help them prepare themselves in case of a flooding emergency


Tenants are asked to check their sub-pumps are plugged in, check their basement for water and to do what they can to protect their personal property.



Want to monitor some of the waters flowing out the Spanish River yourself?

Follow real-time hydrometric data of the data collection station measuring water flows at the Sable River Mouth in Massey here:




Are you a tenant of the

Sagamok Housing Department and experiencing flooding in you home? 


For assistance, contact the

Housing Department

immediately by calling

(705) 865-2421



Want to report a road

system that may be threatened by rising waters?


Contact the Sagamok Fire

Department by email. 

Send a message to:



For all Emergencies

DIAL 9-1-1













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