Better Roads Ahead in Sagamok
Posted: Aug 10, 2018

Better Roads Ahead in Sagamok
Main Access Road to be fixed, upgraded to provincial grade highway and interior roads resurfaced

Robert Porter, Sagamok Communications

Sagamok can expect road improvements over the summers of 2018 & 2019.

This summer, 15 select problem areas of the Main Access Road will be fixed and resurfaced to address distortions and frost heaves.  Some of these areas will see new culverts installed.  

Next summer, a half kilometer stretch of the Main Access Road will be realigned away from the riverbank, placing it safely out of reach of potential future threats from high waters.  This realignment begins around a half kilometer west of the Massey bridge.  Some work will be done this summer to clear where the new road will run.  

Also next summer, the entire length of Sagamok’s Main Access Road will received new surface treatment and with it, an upgrade to a provincial class highway.  The 4.9 km road will be have a pavement surface that is durable and be known as Highway 7300.  

The interior roads of the community will also receive resurfacing treatment in 2019 from one end of the Sagamok to the other.   

Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation (MTO) will be funding the Main Access Road work.  

David Cross, Sr., Project Manager with the MTO, says that the new Highway 7300 will be the first in the province to link a community with no other connections to another provincial highway.  

Highway 7300 will begin at the Massey Bridge at the intersection of Lee Valley Road and continues almost 5 kilometers up to Sagamok’s easterly boundary near the bridge over the mouth of Little LaCloche Creek.  

Access to the community is of vital importance to enhancing the community’s wellness.  Roads represent connections that move people and goods and services around.  Good, safe roads are essential for a community’s health and prosperity.  

The work on Sagamok’s main access road, says Planning & Infrastructure Director, Gary W.Toulouse, “is going to make the experience of driving in and out of our community a much better and safer one.  It’s going to provide better, more comfortable access for residents, businesses and emergency response vehicles.”  

“Drivers will also benefit from the road upgrades with savings on the wear and tear on their vehicles.”

“After this summer, we will have taken care of significant areas of concern on the main access road and next summer, we will see one section of the road realigned for just under a half kilometer and the entire main access road resurfaced as a provincial grade highway.  We will also be resurfacing our interior roads”  

MTO and Indigenous Services Canada will be funding next summer’s interior roads resurfacing.  

All work will be tendered out for contracts to bid.  Tenders will be posted on Sagamok website at 

Toulouse reminds commuters using the Main Access Road to exercise caution around road worksites and asks that motorists reduce their speed and use care during the construction seasons.  


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