Posted: Jan 15, 2021
JANUARY 15, 2021


Please be advised that students will be returning to the classrooms on Monday January 18th, 2021. The following are the new restrictions required for students, classroom teachers and support staff:

1. All students and staff from Grades 1 to 8 will be required to wear masks in and outside of their respective classrooms at all times, including all school buses and Biidaaban playground when social distancing is not maintained.

2. Early Learning students are not required to wear masks in the classrooms but, may do so if they so wish. All Early Learning teachers and support staff are to continue wearing PPE such as masks, face shields and scrubs at all times due to students not requiring to wear masks.

3. Parents who have chosen the on-line option for their child(ren) must follow the teaching schedules provided by assigned on-line teachers beginning Monday January 18th and must have contacted the Principal of this option or risk child being marked absent on the attendance register.

4. As of todays, date (January 15, 2021) we have a total of 20 out of 230 students registered for the on-line option. If you (parent) choose this option for your child you must inform the Principal no later thanMonday January 18th of your choice. Further, as we wrap up the first term of the academic year and the second term begins on Monday February 8th – there will be no option to move from in class to on line and vise versa after Friday February 5th, as we will have hired additional teachers to strictly teach the on-line program.

5. Beginning the week of January 25th, all staff and support personnel directly working with or providing a service to our children and youth will be required to take a COVID test, every two weeks at the Community Wellness Department. More information will follow from the Director of Community Wellness Department for scheduling of appointments with the visiting mobile unit.


Further information will become available as necessary to keep you informed of our processes concerning the school. Testing of staff and support personnel will also apply to Shki Waase Aaban Binoojiinh Gamik and Waawaasnoode Learning Centre sites. Remember that it’s a parental responsibility and choice if you choose not to have your child return to in class instruction.


As always, if you require further information regarding this communique please contact either the Biidaaban Principal and/or the Director of Education of your concerns.

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