Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation
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Zagamok Wasseyaankaan Teg

Zagamok Wasseyannkaan Teg     The name was chosen by Elder Harvey Owl in attendance at an immersion meeting held in 2005 when the immersion language program was proposed in the community of Sagamok.  The word is derived from the ancient way of storage. Anishnaawbek used to store items for later use in a "waankaan". Other terms used were "Sanjgwan" or ""n'daan'


The place called Zagamok Wasseyaankaan Teg is intended to house the community's history and to include a publishing house for community language resource development.


The root word Wasseyaa means speaking of light being present. All the Education facilities in Sagamok here have names that refer to this light.


Biidaaban kinoomaagegamik is translated to mean "the coming of dawn or coming of day light."


Shki Waase Aaabin Binoojiinh Gamik is translated to mean the "New Dawn Children's Centre.


Waawaasonoode Adult Learning Centre means the "Northern Lights."


The purpose of Zagamok Wasseyaankaan Teg is intended to preserve our language for future generations to come so that our Anishnaabemowin remains strong for time immermorial.



Who We Are:

In our commitment to language to language and culture revitalization, Sagamok continuously strives to use our natural data base, human and environment to improve and increased our language fluency by providing language and cultural opportunities to every member of the community and workforce.


What we offer:

It is a comfortable learning environment whereby Anishnaabeowin learning environment provides diverse activities and resources. We have many fluent speakers and elders that come by from time to time to sharing their precious knowledge with us. We have many Anishnaabemowin Language resources available to all age groups, including books, cds, audio videos, newspapers, coloring books, dictionaries and more!



What we offer:

- Language Instruction                        - Language Immersion

- Translation services                          - Transcribing, (historical)

- cultural programming