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The Sagamok Anishnawbek Education Department oversees the delivery of the educational services, the Anishnaabemowin Language Strategy and the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) program to Sagamok community members.

The office is located in the Multi Educational Center, 4008 Espaniel Road 

To contact the Education office, please call (705) 865-2421

For more information and to access Sagamok Education website for services and support, please visit:















Become a Volunteer
Support our children’s educational journey!

Our Volunteer Process      If you are interested in volunteering in our Biidaaban Kinoomaagegamik, Shki Waase Aaban Binoojiinh Gamik or Waawaasnoode Learning Centre but are unsure how to go about it, start with these three simple steps: 

1. Find an opportunity that suits you Your first step involves self-exploration. Look for roles that suit you best in relation to your personality, interests, expertise and schedule. 
2. Explore your options Once you’ve mapped out your volunteer expectations, make an appointment with the principal of the Sagamok educational institution you’re interested in volunteering with. 
3. Join your school community Now that you’re ready to become involved in your school, it’s time for a simple volunteer screening process. To ensure the safety of our students, staff and schools, volunteers may be required to provide a criminal record check and/or personal references. 


We always welcome volunteers from parents, extended families and community members who want to help support our students. Whether you want to give an ongoing commitment (like coaching, mentoring, tutoring, after school programming) or here and there when you can at one-time events (like supervising class trips, cooking for a fundraiser), there’s a place in Sagamok’s schools for just about everyone.

Elders in the Classroom               Be a classroom helper Mentor or tutor students
Supervise or judge science fairs, history fairs and other student competitions
Coach or assist with school sports
Organize or participate in school fundraising activities
Help the school recruit volunteers for on-going and specific events and activities
Attend a Parent Teacher Association Group (PTAG) meeting or join the group
Help administrators prepare grant proposals               Start a school club or athletic team
Present your trade, career or profession in a classroom or at annual Trade and Career Fairs
Build and paint sets, sew costumes or arrange music for theatrical productions

what’s your niche?

When you become a volunteer in our students’ education, you will: 

  • Be an important partner in the community’s educational vision of “empowering Sagamok Anishnawbek to be academically successful and culturally enriched”
  • Be a valued member of the school and Saganok’s education system
  • Be a community role model demonstrating the importance of being involved in improving the educational outcomes of our community’s students
  • Make a difference in the lives of students and the Sagamok community
  • Build your own self-esteem and confidence while being a part of the team that builds up these traits in our students
  • Gain work experience and develop new skills
  • Stay active 
  • Meet new people, establish and develop professional contacts and make new friends
  • Have fun!

When you’re ready to volunteer, make contact!

Biidaaban Principal, Becky Toulouse, by calling her at 705) 865-2387

Shki Waase Aaban Binoojiinh Gamik Daycare Supervisor, Rachel Toulouse by calling her at (705) 865-1180

Waawaasnoode Adult Learning Centre Principal Marjorie Southwind by calling her at (705) 865-1475 . 

Don’t forget you can also volunteer at Espanola High School too! Contact Principal Martin Punkari by calling (705) 869-1590.