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Niigaaniin Ontario Works

Niigaaniin is the implementation of the Ontario Works legislation with culturally appropriate provisions. Rates, eligibility and program parameters are established by the Ontario Works program.


Niigaaniin offices are located at 575 Sagamok Road and operated between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm (but closed for lunch between 12:00 and 1:00pm).  


Niigaaniin may be contact by phoning (705) 865-1395 or toll-free at 1 (800) 727-5503. 

Faxes may be sent to (705) 865-3038.  


Our primary services include Financial Support, Employment Assistance and Additional Services.


The Niigaaniin program is based on community specific needs, and programs are delivered through a client case management model within Sagamok Anishnawbek. 




Employment Assistance


We want you to help you become job ready, find employment and stay employed. 


Niigaaniin staff will work with you to determine what your employment needs are and help you develop a plan that is suited to your skills, experience and circumstances. 



How can Niigaaniin help you obtain employment and financial independence? 

  • Job readiness workshops, like job searching, resume writing, preparing for an interview. 
  • Opportunities to build your skills through volunteering through the Community Placement Program
  • Referrals to training programs to help build your skills and enhance your employability.
  • Referrals to paid employment and training opportunities, such as the Enhanced Employment Placement Program
  • Referrals to job counselling to help you make sense of your employment opportunities.
  • Referrals to educational programs that will help you obtain your grade 12 diploma or Grade Equivalent Diploma (GED).


Use our Employment Resource Centre for all your job research and document preparation needs.    

  • Computer use with Internet connectivity and access to on-line job search tools
  • Access to a fax machine, phone and photocopier
  • Obtain assistance in performing job searches and researching job ad requirements, updating resumes and writing effective cover letters. 


Financial Support

  • Basic Needs, such as food and clothing for individuals and their families
  • Shelter costs, based on the size of the family including rent, heat, hydro, gas, water, sewage, and house insurance


Eligibility for assistance is based upon a number of considerations, including: 

  • The size of your household family
  • Your household’s total shelter costs, including energy use. 
  • The income of everyone in your household. 
  • Any assets owned by everyone in your household, including vehicles, properties, RRSPs, etc.
  • That you and everyone in your household who is at least 18 years of age and employable participate in approved Employment Assistance activities


Additional Services


Transitional Support Funding (TSF) - Shelter Related

Niigaaniin provides financial assistance (up to $1,500 per 12 month period) to current Ontario Works and OSDP Clients as well as Low Income Applicants. 


TSF assistance is intended for clients:

  • to avoid evictions and disconnections by helping with rental and energy arrears.
  • to obtain and retain housing by helping with rent and energy deposits and energy top-ups. 
  • to establish a new residence by helping with the purchase of essential furniture and appliance needs.
  • to relocate to better or more suitable accommodations for educational or employment needs.
  • to improve living circumstances or resolve health and safety needs, including home repairs. 


Extended Health Benefits

Determined based upon need, Niigaaniin provides various health benefits (up to $400 per fiscal year) to individuals and families with high health costs, such as:

  • basic dental care
  • diabetic supplies
  • eyeglasses 
  • prosthetic appliances, like hearing aids 
  • prescription drugs 
  • surgical supplies and dressings 
  • transportation for medical appointments


Funerals and Burials

Determined based upon need, Niigaaniin provides funeral and burial benefits (up to $2,250). 



Determined based upon need, Niigaaniin provides assistance (up to $200 per fiscal year) to help you receive training, travel for non-health-related reasons, moving expenses and any other special service authorized by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. 


Ontario Works

75 Sagamok Road 


   (705) 865-1395

1 (800) 727-5503




Monday to Friday

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

closed for lunch 12-1pm





Social Program Manager

Donna Trudeau     ext.200


Integrated Intake Worker

Robyn Nahmiwan   ext.201


Financial Case Manager

Marilyn Southwind ext.202


Employment Support Program

Cheryl Bennett  ext.203

Carol Marie Toulouse  ext.204






Employment Support

Employment Resource Centre


Financial Support

Other Services

Transitional Support Funding (TSF) - Shelter-related

Extended Health Benefits

Funerals and Burials

Non-Health-Related Assistance










Shpiming Nikeyaa Zhaawag


Shpiming Nikeyaa Zhaawag is a program that compliment’s the Niigaaniin employment services component it addresses addiction barriers to employment. A Ge Naad Mo Wit worker will work with eligible Niigaaniin participants to help them explore their drug and alcohol use, understanding the effects of their use on themselves and their relationships with others and about treatment options. Participants also receive help getting to and from treatment.


The Shpiming Nikeyaa Zhaawag program enables participants to:

  • work towards a goal of abstinence from all mood altering substances.
  • understand the nature of your addiction, and learn tools to help you achieve a lasting recovery. This is especially important for people with addiction in the family.
  • identify blocks to recovery in a supportive environment.
  • understand what needs to be changed, and make an achievable plan of action.
  • learn new and effective ways to change behaviour.


How does the Shpiming Nikeyaa Zhaawag program work?     You will be transferred to an Shpiming Nikeyaa Zhaawag Gi-Naad-Mo-Wit within Niigaaniin Program who have specialized training in, addictions, and a small enough caseload to be able to provide you with effective case management and support.


Your treatment will be assessed according to your needs. Your SNZ Gi-Naad-Mo-Wit, will meet with you regularly, and when you both agree that the time seems appropriate, you will have the opportunity to access either or both non-residential or residential services for yourself and for family members with addiction.


If you think that ShpimingNikeyaaZhaawag may be suitable for you, contact your Niigaaniin caseworker for a referral. Once we have received your referral, a Ge Naad Mo Wit worker will follow up with you to schedule an appointment to get your registered. Call us today!  Find out more about Shpiming Nikeyaa Zhaawag online at


Meshkoogaabwidjik “Standing Strong” Program


Niigaaniin has offered the Meshkoogaabwidjik Program to its participants since 2008. Though the program has evolved over time to suit the changing needs of our participants, the goals of the program are to:

  • Increase individual, family and community wellbeing, with the understanding that health and wellness are prerequisites to economic success
  • Reduce the negative impacts of addictions, abuse and intergenerational trauma improving the individuals’ ability to be contributing and responsible members of their families and communities
  • Decrease dependency on social assistance and other transfer programs
  • Increase the ability of chronically unemployed and underemployed persons to improve their capacities and to systematically learn and work their way into improved social and economic circumstances
  • Create economic opportunities and jobs, and gradually but steadily move the community toward full employment and prosperity for all and
  • Pay special attention to the social and economic advancement of youth.


The Meshkoogaabwidjik Program is delivered has a five (5) month healing and wellness component, and a three (3) month community employment placement component.


Find out more about the Meshkoogaabwidjik Program online at







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