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  Planning and Technical Services

The offices of the Planning and Technical Services Unit (P&TSU) are located within Sagamok Anishnawbek's Community and Cultural Centre. Similar to what other First Nations refer to as their public works department, the P&TSU oversees the planning, maintenance and construction of Sagamok's community infrastructure, fire and rescue, housing, roads, and waste management and water plant.

To maintain this complex operation, a total of 26 staff work in collaboration to ensure that services function according to standards approved by Chief and Council. A Director, four Managers, and a Public Works Clerk are responsible for administering this Unit.

To ensure the safe and efficient delivery of services, employees of the P&TSU staff must maintain their required training levels and at a minimum take courses on WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Working in Confined Spaces, and CPR and First Aid. Due to the programs' needs for major expenditures on assets, a Computerized Assets Management System has been purchased to help ensure the safe keeping of all P&TSU assets.

The Planning and Technical Services Unit has a lot to be proud of as it recently added its water distribution system to the scope of Sagamok Anishnawbek's ISO Certification. Which they believe is the first and only First Nation water treatment system in Canada to have this internationally recognized quality management designation. The registration of Sagamok's water treatment system is significant and is being recognized by various technical areas in the province because its designation came way sooner than the enforcement of the provincial drinking water quality management systems initiative. The initiative introduced in 2007 setforth how water treatment systems could structure, and develop procedures to ensure effective and efficient delivery of water treatment services. The enforcement date set by the province is 2013.

Requests for services under the auspices of the Planning and Technical Services Unit may be made by calling (705) 865-2421 or by fax to (705) 865-3307.


  • Community Infrastructure
  • Fire Safety
  • Housing
  • Roads
  • Waste Management
  • Water System


Program Services that Directly Impact Community Members Positions
  • Drainage - clearing and digging ditches and installing or replacing culverts.
  • Winter control - snow plowing, sanding, salting*.
  • New road construction.
  • Road maintenance - washouts, potholes, grading.
  • Roadside brushing.
  • Removing litter and other obstacles.
  • Lay surface treatment.
  • Dust control.
  • Signage - maintenance and installation*.
  • Streetlight maintenance.
  • P&TSU Community Committee.
  • Mandatory training requirements.
  • Public Relations - educating and information sharing, complaints.
  • Roads Manager (1)
  • Equipment Operator (1)
  • Labourer (1)
  • Maintenance and repair of CHMC homes and band rental units*.
  • Annual inspections of all housing units.*
  • Rent and loan collections.*
  • Home improvement loans (HIL).
  • Home renovations loans (RRAP and HASI).
  • Construction of new homes.
  • Housing Committee.
  • Allocation of existing housing units.*
  • Mandatory training requirements.
  • Public Relations -education and information sharing, complaints.
  • Housing Manager (1)
  • Housing Clerk (1)
Fire and Rescue
  • Responds to 911 calls*.
  • Recruits firefighters*.
  • Mandatory training requirements.
  • P&TSU Community Committee.
  • Maintains/installs 911 home numbers.
  • Property inspections
  • Public Relations - education and information sharing, complaints.
  • Fire Chief (1)
  • Volunteer Firefighters (16)
Waste Management and Water Plant Water
  • Water quality analysis*.
  • Water treatment*.
  • Respond to water alarms*.
  • Issue boil water advisories.
  • P&TSU Community Committee.
  • Mandatory training requirements.
  • Public Relations - education and information sharing, complaints.
  • Landfill/Water Plant Operator (1)
Waste Management and Water Plant Sanitation
  • Waste Management Plan.
  • Control of noise, dust, and odour*.
  • Site supervision and security*.
  • Recycling of waste*.
  • Garbage pick up (to be determined)
  • Environmental and health and safety controls.
  • P&TSU Community Committee.
  • Mandatory training requirements.
  • Public Relations - education and information sharing, complaints.
  • Part time Land fill Site Attendant
Community Infrastructure
  • Repair and maintenance of band owned capital assets*:

  • Band Office
  • Health and Social Services Building
  • Day Care
  • Community Centre
  • Public Works Garage
  • Beedaban School
  • 2 Water Treatment Plants
  • Water Tower
  • Fort LaCloche
  • Water Works Storage Building
  • Eagles Lodge
  • Millennium Centre
  • Youth Centre

  • Fort LaCloche
  • Sagamok Point
  • Pow Wow Grounds

Recreation Areas:
  • Soccer field
  • Baseball fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Skateboard Park
  • Community Infrastructure Manager (1)
  • Part Time Custodian
  • Maintenance Workers (2 shared)

__positions and 4 shared position between 5 programs.
Technical Services Water Distribution System:
  • Water mains
  • Service lines
  • Fire hydrants
  • Pressure release valves.
  • P&TSU Community Committee.
  • Mandatory training requirements.
  • Public Relations - education and information sharing, complaints
  • Director (1)
  • Public Works Clerk (1)

Planning and Technical Services Unit

  • Stanley Abitong, Roads Manager
  • Daniel Owl, General Maintenance Worker
  • Ezra Owl, Waste Management Coordinator
  • Bruce Southwind, Emergency Response Coordinator (Fire Chief)
  • Sadie Southwind, Community Infrastructure Manager
  • Colin Toulouse, Roads Laborer
  • Kimberly Toulouse, Public Works Clerk
  • Sheldon Toulouse, Roads Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Eric Toulouse, General Maintenance Worker
  • Michelle Toulouse,: Data Systems Information Clerk
  • Mark Eshkakogan,: Water Treatment Operator
  • Laura Owl, Director of Planning and Technical Services Unit

Sagamok Anishnawbek
P.O. Box 610
Massey, Ontario
P0P 1P0
Phone (705) 865-2421
Fax (705) 865-3307


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