Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation
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Nominations for Chief & Council - Sagamok Election 2018
Posted: Jul 05, 2018


for Chief & Council

2018 Sagamok Election

At the Nomination Meeting held at Enji Wii Ji Gaabwitaadaaying (New Community Hall) located at 55 Star Road in the Fort Subdivision from 6-9pm on July 4, 2018.

10 individuals were nominated as candidates for the position of CHIEF
53 individuals were nominated as candidates for the position of COUNCILLOR

All Candidates have until 4:00pm on Monday, July 9, 2018 to accept or withdraw their name from the ballot by contacting the Sagamok Membership Office in person located in the Main Administration building.


Assinewe, Rhea
Bennett, Arnelda
Eshkakogan, Carol
Eshkakogan, Paul
Owl, Patricia
Owl, Peter Sr. 
Owl, Renee Stacey
Solomon, Lawrence
Stoneypoint, Rhonda
Toulouse, Nelson
Abitong, Anna Marie
Abitong, Russell Jr. 
Assinewe, Lawrence
Bennett, Arnelda
Bennett, Heather
Bob, Carol
Bob, Diane
Eshkakogan, Adrienne
Eshkakogan, Brooke
Eshkakogan, Carol
Eshkakogan, Joseph
Eshkakogan, Mark
Francis, Victor
Hardisty, Jessie
Hatfield, Raymond
Jacobs, Donna
Jacobs, Rita
Jones, Elaine
Jones, Roger
Manitowabi, Tammy


Owl, Laura
Owl, Matthew
Owl, Peter, Jr.
Owl, Renee Stacey
Pine, Lana Ruth
Rivers (Mahgegahbow), Brenda
Sago, Ben
Sinobert, Lorna
Solomon, Bentley Andrew
Solomon, Lawrence
Southwind, Angela
Southwind, Edward (Eddy)
Southwind, Levi
Southwind, Orion Sr.
Southwind, Oswald
Stoneypoint, Rhonda
Toulouse, Angus
Toulouse, Carol Marie
Toulouse, Craig Jr.

Toulouse, Danielle Winnie
Toulouse, Dean Ralph
Toulouse, Jackie
Toulouse, Kenneth
Toulouse, Marcel
Toulouse, Patricia
Toulouse, Nelson
Toulouse, Robert
Toulouse, Sheldon Martin
Trudeau, Donna
Trudeau, Gail
Trudeau, Harvey
Trudeau, Nicholas Walter (Nick)
Trudeau, Myles
Trudeau, Paul