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Wash 'N Suds closes for renovations and upgrades to enhance services to customers
Posted: Sep 01, 2018

Wash 'N Suds closes for renovations and upgrades to enhance services to customers

Laundromat to reopen mid-September offering part-time employment

Robert Porter

Sagamok Anishnawbek – August 31      Sagamok’s Wash ‘N Suds laundromat closed its doors for renovations on Wednesday, August 29 at 4:00pm for upgrades and renovations.  The work will take two weeks to complete and the new facility will reopen shortly after with a new look and new services that will enhance customer experiences. 

Just over $117,000 will be used in this project to provide upgrades to the Wash 'N Suds facility and hire 2 part-time employees.  40% of the cost will be funded through grants, 50% through a no-interest Waubetek Social Development Loan.  Sagamok Development Corporation has put up a 5% contribution to the project's cost and 5% has been contributed from Sagamok's Economic Development Program grant. 

Layout of the new Wash 'N Suds (above) and 3D drawing (below).  Sagamok's laundromat will now feature 12 top load digital washing machines, 3 triple load front load washing machines, 12 dryers, a new kiosk and Fluff & Fold service.  Customers can look forward to a whole new look and experience with new color, floors and television seating area.  

When it reopens, the new Wash ‘N Suds will offer a full range of temperature options to suit all laundry needs, as well an entire new compliment of washers and dryers. 

Customers will also be provided with televisions and a new comfortable seating area to pass their time. 

A kiosk will also be introduced, offering customers everything they might need at the laundromat, including change, detergents and fabric softeners and other laundry items, as well as canteen items like pop, chips, candies and chocolate bars. 

When it reopens, Wash ‘N Suds will also offer a Fluff & Fold service.  Customers will be able to have their laundry washed, dried and folded for them.  

Two new part-time positions will also be funded by the grant dollars.  These employees will supervise the laundromat and its’ kiosk operations as well as the new Fluff & Fold service. 

The 2 new part-time positions will be posted by September 5. 

Work begins immediately by Sagamok contractor. 

A grand re-opening will be held in mid to late September.

Wash 'N Suds is located in the 6th unit within the Sagamok Ednakmagad (Millenium) Centre located at 610 Sagamok Road.  





What you need to know:

Wash ‘N Suds Laundromat will be closed beginning Wednesday, August 29 at 4:00pm.  It is scheduled to reopen by mid-September. 

During this closure, the facility will be upgraded:

  1. Hot water tanks will be added allowing customers to now wash using all temperature settings
  2. New seating area with televisions providing entertainment to pass their time in-between laundry cycles.
  3. A kiosk will operate 40 hours per week by two part-time employees who will also provide fluff and fold services. 
  4. Flooring will be replaced throughout the new facility. 
  5. New Washers & Dryers!
  • 12 Top Load Digital Washing Machines
  • 3   Triple-load Front Load Washing Machines
  • 5   Stacked Dryers (this means that there will be 10 new dryers in total, stacked two high, complimented by two existing dryers that will also be stacked.  In total, the new Wash 'N Suds will have 12 dryers). 

Employment Postings will go up by September 5 for the 2 part-time positions.