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SAGAMOK EDUCATION NEWS RELEASE - Sagamok Anishnawbek Education Unit Proudly Recognizes Achievement at the Secondary Schools level
Posted: Jul 24, 2018


Sagamok Anishnawbek Education Unit Proudly Recognizes Achievement at the Secondary Schools level (Registered on our Nominal Roll).


Director of Education Academic Excellence Award Recipients are as follows:

Carson Abitong                       Colten Abitong

Kara Abitong                           Mia Abitong

Aidan Assinewe                       Darius Bennett

Liam Bennett                          Jibreel Boukhobza

Rusty Caibaiosai                      Amber Chiblow

Hunter Chiblow                       Logan Corbiere

Sasheanhna Eshkakogan         Caleb Fournier

Tyson Francis                          Sky Jacobs

Jordan John                             Trent Mandamin

Jayden McGregor                   Jaiden Nahmiwan

Braxton Owl                            Justice Owl                                         

Catherine Peltier                    Brianna Ruth                                       Robyn Eshkakogan

Austin Southwind                    Charlotte Southwind                           Clarissa Polson

Mason Southwind                   Frost Southwind-Bebonang                 Landee Kokoko

Ashley Southwind-Holmes      Celeste Toulouse

Georgia Toulouse                    Jacob C. P. Toulouse

Jacob A. Toulouse                   Jayson Toulouse

Julien Toulouse                       Madison Toulouse

Sarah Toulouse                       Julianne Trudeau

Teddy Trudeau


Highest Subject Achiever Award Recipients are:

Grade 9 Science, English, Math, and Ojibwe – Catherine Peltier

Grade 9 Science – Clarissa Polson


Grade 10 Math – Jibreel Boukhobza

Grade 10 Ojibwe – Brianna Ruth


Grade 11 Science – Logan Corbiere

Grade 11 English – Ashley Southwind-Holmes


Grade 12 English – Jordan John

Grade 12 Math – Cecile Eshkawkogan


Overall Highest Average Award Recipient is:   Catherine Peltier


Performance Award Recipient is:  Brandon Corbiere

Perfect Attendance Award Recipient is:  Colten Abitong
Attendance Award (5 days) Recipients are as follows: 

Mia Abitong                            Aidan Assinewe                       Sasheanhna Eshkakogan

Cecile Eshkawkogan               Jordan Eshkawkogan               Preston Eshkawkogan

Roman Manitowabi                Jayden McGregor                   Charlotte Southwind

Mason Southwind                   Jacob C. P. Toulouse


Extra-Curricular Award Recipient:  Jacob C. P. Toulouse


Community Involvement Award Recipients are:  Rusty Caibaiosai & Robyn Eshkakogan


Community Participation Award Recipients are:  Ryan McLeod, Waasnoode Akiwenzie & Felicity Southwind



Congratulations to all our students for their achievements throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.  Cheques can be picked up at the Sagamok Administration office on Friday July 27th, 2018 after 1:30 P.M.



Anna Marie Abitong

Director of Education