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Rights of an Anishnawbek Child
Posted: Jan 17, 2018

Rights of the Anishnawbek Child 
Under the Great Law of the Anishnawbek, 
an Anishinaabe child has Aboriginal (ascribed) Rights 


The Rights of an Anishnawbek Child are: 

To their NameAnishinaabe anoozoowin 

To their ClanDodem 

To be with the ParentsGitziimak 

To be with the Family (your relations) - Nawendaagnak 

To cultural and ceremonial practicesAnishinaabe Miiniggisiwin 

To their identity and lifestyleAnishinaabe Aadzewin 

To their languageAnishinabemoowin 

To a purposeful and zestful lifeMino Bimatiziwin 

To their Ancestral landAnishinaabe Akiing 

To the lifestyle of the AnishinaabeAnishinabechigewin 

To a good educationKinamaatiwin 

To protection within that childWiikawaabmind 

To membership (where your roots are) – Dabendaagziwin 

By Nogdawindamin Family and Community Services Naadmaagejik (adapted by Larry Jourdain)





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