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Gimaa Toulouse Addresses the Sagamok Community April 3, 2020 
Posted: Apr 03, 2020

Gimaa Toulouse Addresses the Sagamok Community

April 3, 2020  

[8 minutes, 58 seconds]


In his April 3 Address to the Sagamok Community, Gimaa Nelson Toulouse,


· Announces the decision by Council to waive 2 months rent on CMHC band owned housing units, including residents of the Elders Eagle Lodge. 

· Informs families of Biidaaban students that they will continue to receive weekly household food deliveries of breakfast and lunches. 

· Informs post-secondary students that their student supports funding will continue

· Advises that summer student job programs will go ahead though modified to reflect expected pandemic circumstances

· Invites community members to connect with a new social media channel focused on connecting families

· Asks for patience and respects towards workers at the road access checkpoint station

“We have been doing some tremendous work trying to protect our community and keeping this deadly disease out.  It hasn’t been easy.  As a matter of fact, it’s challenging and it’s a strain on our people who are doing an excellent job  of making sure it doesn’t enter our community.  It’s a strain on leadership.  I can attest to that.  I lose hours of sleep at night.  Hopefully things will get better  but we need everybody’s cooperation.  We are all in this together.  And we need to understand that the rules are put in place for the benefit of our people.  Our people in various urban areas who are wanting to come home, we really encourage them not to. “


Gimaa announces the decision by Council to waive two months rent on CMHC homes owned by the Sagamok Anishanwbek organization, including Elders at the Che-Miigizi Anishnawbek Wiigwam. 


“This will free up money for you to purchase the things you need and hopefully it takes a little more stress away from families.”


Tenants will have to start paying rent again in June. 


GImaa tells community members that food will continue to be delivered weekly to families of Biidaaban students as part of their regular breakfast and lunch programs.


Post-secondary students will also continue to be financially and academically supported with services. 


Summer student jobs, however, can be expected to change given pandemic realities.  Gimaa says that they will have to be modified but to expect jobs posted. 


Gimaa invites community members to look out for a new social media channel that is focused upon connecting families to helping each other during pandemic times. 


Gimaa says that he hopes to see opportunities for people in the Sagamok community to find rides and delivery help for families to obtain their needed supplies. 


He says that this is particularly important now that taxis are not permitted into the Sagamok community through the road access checkpoint station.


Gimaa also asks that community members show respect and patience with the new measures in place at the road access checkpoint station. 


“I’m asking you to be extra extra open and forgiving and compassionate—this is a time for compassion.  Our people who man the gates, our people who organize them, our people that coordinate things are working diligently to make sure we are safe.” 


“I’ve been out there a few times to try and lend some support and what I see is I’m really impressed with our people.  For the most part, I see people coming in and they are very respectful and patient.”


Watch Gimaa Nelson Toulouse's April 3 Address to the Sagamok Community here: