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  Introduction and Background  

Business Development Strategy


Mineral resource development activity in the traditional territory of Sagamok Anishnawbek has increased in recent months. Sagamok is currently engaged in relationships with two resource development companies (CVRD-INCO Ltd and Ursa Major Minerals Inc.) and is preparing to negotiate impact and benefits agreements in relation to these companies' mining projects.

It is expected that, among other benefits, these agreements will create significant opportunities for Sagamok members to participate in employment at mine sites throughout the stages of mine development and commissioning, production and closure phases.

In order to prepare for such opportunities and to participate in the negotiation of employment and training components of impact and benefits agreements, Sagamok Anishnawbek is undertaking a project to prepare a human resource plan for the mineral sector.


The goals of this proposed project are to develop a preliminary plan for business development in relation to the mineral sector that can be implemented by Sagamok and used in the negotiation of business and supply and service contracting provisions in the IBAs.


Sagamok Human Resource Strategy

The goals of this proposed project are to develop a general plan for human resource development in relation to the mineral sector that can be implemented by Sagamok and used in support of the negotiation of employment and training benefits in the IBAs.


TEK or "Traditional Knowledge" Study

This project is intended to gather and record traditional ecological and other Sagamok knowledge of cultural and heritage sites, ecosystems, habitats, medicines and traditional land and resource use within the Spanish River watershed (traditional territory) and specifically in relation to existing and planned mine sites.


Sagamok Mineral Development Policy

Sagamok's Mineral Industry Strategy (approved by Council in July) recommended development of a Sagamok Mineral Development Policy. It is proposed that this would provide a comprehensive set of tools guiding the First Nation in the management and conduct of mineral industry relations. It would increase integration and coordination within Sagamok by clarifying various departments' and agencies' roles, responsibilities and interests in relation to mineral development.



Project Management & Support


Sagamok mining initiatives are being managed by the Community Response Coordination Team, whose membership corresponds with the Senior Management Team. The Community Response Coordination Team (CRCT) manages and coordinates all activities related to mineral development occurring within Sagamok traditional territories, with the objective of maximizing Sagamok participation in economic benefits, minimizing and mitigating negative environmental and social impacts, and promoting information sharing and accountability to community members on mining-related initiatives occurring in Sagamok traditional territory.

The project team include: Levi Southwind, Raymond Owl, Audra Owl, , Ken Petersen (Petersen Consulting), and Alex Ker (Consilium).

Dean Assinewe was hired as the Mineral Liaison Coordinator and Andy Manitowabi as the Mineral Liaison Assistant. They have been working to establish an office which will also house the mining project as well as TEK project activities.

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