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The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual approach to recovery is explored with the group members, to assist in achieving long term sobriety and to establish independent self-sustaining contributing members of the community.
12 week - open sessions
MONDAY’s 10:30a.m. – 12:00NOON
Sagamok Community Wellness Department – Small Resource Room

For more information – contact Kelly Tessier, Community Addictions Counsellor @ 865-2171

Naanadwedjige-Gamik - Health and Social Services
Vision & Mission Statement


Our Vision is a healthy and safe community that nurtures and maintains the physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all.


Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik anticipates and responds to the health and social needs of the community; cultivates and nurtures the desire to take control of personal health and social wellbeing; stimulates and enriches the quality of life in the community by providing holistic education and awareness, intervention and treatment programs and services.

The vision and mission statement are contained within the Community Health Transfer Plan 2007-2012 which was accepted by Chief and Council December 2006.

Program & Service Descriptions


Community Health Nurse
The Community Health Nurse is responsible for improving and/or maintaining the health of the community.  Some activities include community outreach, maintaining and dispensing medical supplies and over-the-counter medications, to assess and refer patients to other health care professionals and to maintain the clinic.
Contact:  Sandra Camillo, Community Health Nurse
Tel: (705) 865-2171 ext. 236

Community Health Representative
The Community Health Representative is responsible for planning & assisting in implementation of healthy activities which will influence community members of Sagamok to alter lifestyle behaviors which contribute to chronic diseases. 
Contact:  Marilyn Jones, Community Health Representative
Tel: (705) 865-2171 ext. 240

Visiting Regulated Health Professionals ~ Nurse Practitioner/Physician
Health Services provides access to health care within the community through visiting health care professionals. The objective is to increase access to community-based medical assessment and treatment.
Contact: Ernestine Bob or Diane Toulouse, Medical Clerks
Tel. (705) 865-2171 ext. 244
Richard SanCartier, Nurse Practitioner (Wed. & Thurs. 9 am-3pm)
Rochelle Hatton, Nurse Practitioner (Tues. & Fri. 9:30–3pm
Dr. MacIntosh, Medical Doctor (Every 2nd Tues.10-3 pm)

Health Services provides access to a Dietician within the community through visiting services of North Shore Tribal Council.  Services are offered once per week as per schedule of Dietician.  For schedule or to make an appointment contact Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik for appointment with Marie Morin. 
Contact: Diane Toulouse, Medical Clerk
Tel: (705) 865-2171 ext. 243

Clinic Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.
Last appointment at 2:30 p.m. Please call ahead to make an appointment.

Medical Clerk
The Medical Clerk is responsible for improving and/or maintaining the health records of the community.  Some activities include administering non-insured health benefits, maintaining and distributing medical slips, appointment booking, bookings that require medical transportation and confirmations of medical appointments. 
Contact:  Diane Toulouse, Medical Clerk
Tel: (705) 865-2171 ext. 243

Medical Transportation
Medical Transportation and financial support is provided to eligible band members who require transportation services to neighbouring locations such as Elliot Lake and other urban locations.
Contact: Ernestine Bob, Medical Finance Clerk
Tel: (705) 865-2171 

Parent Infant Advisor
The Parent Infant Advisor is responsible for improving the health of families before, during and after pregnancy. Also to provide programs for improving parenting skills, safety programs, parents & tots programs and to promote nutrition for families.
Contact:  Joanne Sonnenburg, Parent Infant Advisor
Tel: (705) 865-2171 ext. 318

Sagamok Fitness Centre, Millennium Centre
The fitness centre is available to the public for the purpose of promoting and supporting healthy and active living.  The available equipment includes treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight lifting equipment.
Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday 2 pm. - 8 pm.
Contact:  Sandra Camillo, CHN
Tel: (705) 865-2171, ext. 236

Community Physical Wellness
The Community Physical Wellness or sports & recreation is a comprehensive need for children, youth, adults and elders.  With limited resources Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik continues to lead the development of this program.  This requires community involvement through, engagement in activities, volunteerism and organizing events and fundraising.
Contact: Sandra Camillo, CHN
Tel: (705) 865-2171, ext. 236

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Band Representative
Responsibilities of Band Representative are to represent the interest of Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation in Child Welfare court proceedings.  To ensure that all cases within protection services has a plan of care and that client progress will be reviewed and monitored.  To participate in all required court appearances, and ensure that the child remains connected with extended families and community in order to preserve the child’s cultural customs and traditions.  
Contact: Janet Solomon, Band Representative
Tel: (705) 865-2171 ext. 226

Community Social Worker
The Community Social Worker is responsible for providing mental health services to the population of Sagamok that promotes & enhances the quality of life. This is achieved through assisting Sagamok clients to improve their mental health status through counseling services, prevention, and crisis intervention.  
Contact:  Lana Pine, Community Social Worker
Tel: (705) 865-2171 ext.235

Children’s Resource Worker
The Children’s Resource Worker is responsible for providing yearly prevention activities geared to children ages 6-12 years and family oriented programming that promotes family wellness.
Contact: Mackenzie Toulouse, Children’s Resource Worker
Tel: (705) 865 - 2171 ext. 249

Youth Prevention Worker
Youth Prevention Worker is responsible for providing regular prevention activities to youth ages 12-24 years that promotes health & well-being and provides enrichment in Anishnawbek culture and identity. 
Contact:  Veronica Nashkawa, Youth Prevention Worker
Tel: (705) 865-2171 ext. 229

Youth Strategy Coordinator
The Youth Strategy Coordinator is responsible for overseeing strategic planning and response to youth development needs.  This is achieved through integration of services with all program & service providers of Sagamok Anishnawbek and providing support to the Youth Council.
Contact:  Marla Toulouse, Youth Strategy Coordinator
Tel:  (705) 865-2171 ext.222 

Nurturing & Well-being Educator
The Nurturing & Wellbeing Educator is responsible for the delivery of Nurturing the Well-being curriculum to students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 at Biidaaban Kinoomaagegamik.  The purpose of the program is to increase awareness and prevention of oppressive behaviours such as bullying, taunting, and exclusion and promotion and awareness of Anishnawbek culture and values.
Contact:  Conrad Toulouse, Nurturing & Wellbeing Educator
Tel: (705) 865-2171 ext. 227

Cultural Resource Worker
Cultural Resource Worker is responsible for ensuring that traditional healing alternatives are available for community members and for those that are on their healing journey. Also to preserve, reinforce and promote the continuation and revitalization of traditional customs and ceremonies to strengthen and enhance the well being of the individuals, families, and community.  
Contact:  Linda Toulouse, Cultural Resource Worker
Tel. (705) 865-2171 ext. 230

Food Bank & Breakfast Club Coordinator
The Food Bank is available to offer support to all community residents when basic food needs are not met in the home due to financial situations. Also, to help community residents make healthy food choices and to introduce the Good Food Box Program and informing residents how to cook certain food items or notice of food recalls. The Breakfast Club program is offered to students of Biidaaban Kinoomaagegamik that includes snacks, lunch & milk programs during school instruction day.
Contact:  Corinna Abitong, Food Bank & Breakfast Club Coordinator
Tel. (705) 865-1850 or leave message at (705) 865-2171

Community Wellness Worker
To provide family violence services, referrals, support and case management to community clients to address existing and emerging health, healing, and wellness issues.  Also to provide participant based activities related to promotion, education and awareness on reducing family violence, building healthy relationships and improving health.  
Contact:  Shirley Gregorini, Community Wellness Worker
Tel: (705) 865-2171 ext. 229

Nog-da-win-da-min is a native child welfare prevention service agency who provides services to children and families from the seven First Nation communities along the North Shore.  The agency is committed towards ensuring that children and families receive culturally appropriate services through the delivery of various programs. All services are voluntary.
Contact:  Nora Abitong, Family Preservation Worker - Nog-da-win-da-min, Pam Plain, Family Preservation Worker – Nog-da-win-da-min
Tel. (705) 865-2171 ext. 223


First Nations Long-term Care Manager
The Manager is responsible for administering sound financial and human resources for the delivery of Long-term Care services for seniors in the community and residents of Elders Eagle Lodge.  
Pat Trudeau, First Nations Long-Term Care Manager
Tel: (705) 865-2926

Long-term Care Coordinator
The Coordinator oversees the work of the Personal Support Workers through scheduling and regular maintenance of elders homes and Elders Eagle Lodge facility. Foster Southwind, Long-term Care Coordinator

Facility Manager
The manager oversees the living quarters, programs and services such as the Meals on Wheels, Weekend Relief Staff for the Elders Eagle Lodge. Facility Manager, Catherine Eshkawkogan, Facility Manager

Therapist Support
The Therapist Support provides assistance to the visiting Physio-therapist that provides services from the Elders Eagle Lodge to the elderly and those with some form of disability that requires treatment.
Contact: Clara Jacko, Therapist Support
(705) 865-2926

Personal Support Workers
Personal Support Workers provide companionship and life assistance to Elders in the community to ensure that they can live independently as much as possible.
For more information contact:
Pat Trudeau, First Nations Long Term Care Manager
Tel: (705) 865-2926

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels is a dietary program offered to all residents of the Elders Eagle Lodge, elders receiving services from Personal Support Workers and anyone needing the service.
Contact:  Janet Owl, Meals on Wheels Coordinator
(705) 865-2926

Companion Staff & Relief Workers
Companion Staff & Relief Workers provides assistance to Elders Eagle Lodge staff when the need arises to be there on weekends to surveillance the premises of the long-term care facility.

Calendar of Annual Events of Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik


Sagamok Health & Social Services Steering Committee
The steering committee provides advisory and recommendations to the program and service delivery of Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik.

Sagamok Elders Council
The Sagamok Elders Council provides direction and advice with regard to critical community issues relating to elders, youth issues, health, land and resource development.
Pat Trudeau, First Nations Long-Term Care Manager
(705) 865-2926

Sagamok Youth Council
The Sagamok Youth Council provides a forum where youth provide their insight to community issues that affect youth.  It is an opportunity to build bridges with youth in the community.
For more information contact:
Marla Toulouse, Youth Strategy Coordinator
(705) 865-2171

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Community Healing & Development

In April 2003, the Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation released a long term vision and framework for the rebuilding of our Nation.  Sagamok Community Healing and Development: Ten-Year Action Plan – Recovering the Foundations of Nation Building was designed to inform Band policy and guide program development and implementation as the community moves into a future of greater health and prosperity.

This Ten-Year Action Plan is based on the findings of a comprehensive community consultation process which examined community conditions and needs related to children, youth, women, men and elders, as well as social, economic, political, cultural and spiritual dimensions of community life.  The rich details of these discussions are published in a companion document to the 2003 Ten-Year Action Plan, entitled the Sagamok Community Story of March 2003.  The Ten-Year Action Plan has two primary goals for action: Healing and Community Development.

Three important initiatives were implemented towards achieving the two goals and they are: (1) The development and implementation of an in-depth healing and development curriculum – “Moving toward Wholeness” which all full time staff are required to complete. (2) Aligning Band programs with the priorities of the Ten-Year Action Plan; and (3) Working toward accountability and transparency.

Alcohol & Drug Strategy
Alcohol and drug abuse became normalized and embedded in the pattern of everyday life in Sagamok over a period of at least 50 years (from the 1940s onward). For at least half of that time (since the 1980s), there have been a significant number of individuals who have undertaken a healing journey and have left alcohol behind. Many of these individuals have worked long and hard over the years to call attention to the seriousness of the impact alcohol and drugs are having on family and community life, and how destructive they are, both to the realization of human potential of individuals and to the prosperity and well-being of our Nation.
During the past 10 years, community leadership has increasingly focused its attention on the twin challenges of healing and recovery, and of community development. This movement has gained strength, experience and numbers during the past five years through focused training and a series of very targeted initiatives.

This work was launched in 2003 through a community self-assessment and planning process called “The Community Story”, participated in by several hundred community members, including elected leadership, Band staff, youth, elders and interested individuals.
From this in depth analysis (reported in the “2003 Sagamok Community Story” document), a number of key issues and priorities were identified for focused transformational work. One of these was community healing, and the specific challenge of dangerously high levels of alcohol and drug abuse.
In 2009 leadership and the community committed to the work of addressing the abuse through the establishment of an Alcohol & Drug Strategy with the primary goal of reducing the levels of abuse in the community by the year 2020.

Comprehensive Youth Development Strategy

Youth are a significant part of Sagamok they make up over 50% of the population and Statistics Canada reports that the aboriginal population is the fastest growing in Canada.    Through the community development process community members were able to identify the issues impacting elders, women, men, youth and children and documented them in the Sagamok Community Story.  In response to the youth challenges and issues identified, Senior Management developed a model called the Comprehensive Youth Development Strategy. 

The overall goal of the Strategy is to support the development of youth by addressing youth issues through an integration of services, developing and supporting a youth council and engaging a team of program/service providers including a mentor’s circle of resource people from the community to act as a facilitative leadership role to youth. 

The first steps for the implementation of the Strategy were to engage youth in a consultation process so that youth can share their observations of youth issues.  The purpose of engaging youth through the consultation process is to provide them the voice that they need in order to have some part in creating a change for the better.  A youth consultation was held prior to the community wide assessment (Community Story 2003) and the development of the Comprehensive Youth Development Strategy it was in July 2002 and was facilitated by Mike Lickers of the Youth Leadership program Ghost Rediscovery.

Today, Sagamok Health and Social Services, Education Department, Anishnawbek Police Services and Saulteaux will work together to support parents, spiritual and cultural leaders and other resources in a cross-cutting integrated and long term effort for youth development.

The Comprehensive Youth Development Strategy is a product of Community Development whose purpose is to build the capacity of youth by fulfilling their learning, healing & wellness, spiritual & cultural, economic, social, and recreational needs. 

Moreover, the Youth Development Strategy will support and initiate proactive solutions among community members and youth.  We can and will build our own solutions towards the betterment of the community.

Ehaazkaagejig Professional Healing Team

Holistic health is the total health of the total person within the total environment.  Total health means a healthy worldview, a healthy way of thinking, a healthy way of being and behaving, as well the health of our physical being.  The total person means that health and healing meets all the needs of the person – body, mind, heart and spirit.  The total environment means that our health and state of well being attends to the individual in relationship to all other persons, to family, to community, and importantly to all of the natural environment.

The Ehaazkaagejig Professional Healing Team is a group of committed program and service providers of the Health & Social Services Unit whose work directly relates to community healing such as treatment, prevention and wellness promotion activities.  The Community Healing & Wellness 10 Year Action plan informs the scope of the work of the Ehaazkaagejig Professional Healing Team.   In the past several years the Ehaazkaagejig Professional Healing Team has been engaged in specific training required to carry out the work needed.

The goal of the Team is to move Sagamok beyond the healing issues towards building up the health and wellness of individuals and families and toward building positive wellness supporting patterns of community life.

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Anishnawbek Code of Ethics

The values of the Anishnawbek are based on the seven teachings: wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth.  Ethics in the workplace involve making decisions in the face of priorities, responsibilities, and restraints, which at times may be clear but at other times may be ambiguous and conflicting. I t is at these times that the decision-making process within Sagamok Anishnawbek will consider the value of the Anishnawbek.

Sagamok Anishnawbek recognizes that its employees are in public position and are seen to be in a special position of trust with high expectations with regard to proper use of resources, information, and power. As such it imposes ethical obligations on employees to act in the best interest of the organization. From the values come the standards of conduct expected of employees.  Employees are expected to strive to live up to these standards and to reaffirm their commitment on an annual basis.  The values of the Anishnawbek are a set of ideals to which employees aspire.  The standards of conduct are intended to be more practicably enforced.  (Sagamok Anishnawbek Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, July 2006). Sagamok Health and Social Services Staff and Management Team are expected to live up to these standards and the following statements are agreed a condition of their employment:

The values of the Anishnawbek are based on the seven teachings.

Nbaakaawin – Wisdom

  • While at the workplace, I will strive to accept the decisions and circumstances that I   cannot change, will ask the Creator for courage to change the things I can, and will seek wisdom to know the difference.
  • I will apply my academic and spiritual knowledge and skills when carrying out my duties and responsibilities.
  • When I am uncertain I will consult with my mentors, supervisors,, or colleagues, to gain a deeper understanding of a situation before making any decisions
  • I will reflect on and assess my own well-being and its impact on my work performance on regular basis.

Zaagidwin - Love

  • I will demonstrate compassion towards my fellow employees and others who I come into contact with
  • I will be fair and consistent in my interactions with fellow employees and others I come into contact with
  • I will work to establish positive relations with my co workers and set aside differences for the sake of those I was employed to service
  • In the course of my duties, I will strive to consider the needs of others before my own

Mnaadendmowin -Respect

  • I will treat my co workers with respect and hold their right to success to be as important as my own
  • I will accept the opinions, skills and knowledge, and personal strengths and weaknesses of my co workers and other individuals I have contact with
  • I will respect the privacy of and be courteous of my co workers and other individuals I have contact with
  • In the course of my duties, I will always maintain and respect the public interest

Aakdehewin – Bravery

  • I will defend my beliefs and convictions when requested or when confronted
  • I will take responsibility and be accountable for my actions at all times
  • I will see negativity in terms of constructive criticism and move to improve myself or the situation
  • I will acknowledge and own up to my mistakes an attempt to resolve them in a positive manner

Gwekwaadziwin - Honesty

  • I will not offer or document information or advice that I know to be false or misleading
  • I will not withhold information pertinent to my work or profession
  • I will make every attempt to live up to the obligations that come with my position
  • I will be accountable for my actions at all times

Dbaadendizwin - Humility

  • I will delegate my responsibilities and authority to others when required
  • I will accept the directives of those in authority
  • will make change to my actions or decisions when presented with a more constructive way to conducting business
  • I will never see myself as superior to colleagues and will willingly offer help when I see the need

Debwewin - Truth

  • I will seek out truth and follow its teaching in all my interactions with those I come into contact during the course of my duties.

In Benton-Banai’s written version of the story of “The Seven Grandfathers,” there are several key plot elements to which we shall attend. The “second people of the Earth” were having difficulties and had not found a balanced, healthy way of life.  The Seven Grandfathers, whose duty it is to help people, send a helper to fetch someone who could mediate for the Grandfathers. Eventually the helper brings an innocent baby, who must be educated throughout creation before he can understand the Grandfathers. Once the helper educates him, the boy is found worthy by the Grandfathers, whose world is overwhelmingly beautiful and powerful. They introduce him to the Four Directions and their significance, and they each give him gifts which he doesn't understand.
With an otter for companion the boy seeks to return to his people. Along the way they stop seven times, and each time the meaning of one of the seven gifts is revealed. They are

  1. To cherish knowledge is to know WISDOM
  2. To know LOVE is to know peace
  3. To honor all of the Creation is to have RESPECT
  4. BRAVERY is to face the foe with integrity
  5. HONESTY in facing a situation is to be brave
  6. HUMILITY is to know yourself as a sacred part of the Creation
  7. TRUTH is to know all of these things (1988, 64) [8]


Taken from the Sagamok Anishnawbek Policy & Procedures:

1.1       WISDOM - Employees of Sagamok Anishnawbek have a responsibility to:

  • Maintain an appropriate level of professional competence by ongoing development and application of their spiritual and academic knowledge and skills.
  • Consult with elders, mentors, supervisors, or colleagues when necessary to develop a more informed understanding before making a decision.
  • On a regular basis, reflect on and assess their own well-being and its impact on their work performance.
  • Have a willingness to learn from their mistakes.

1.2       LOVE - Employees of Sagamok Anishnawbek have a responsibility to:

  • Demonstrate compassion towards co-workers and other colleagues they interact with.
  • Be fair and consistent in their interactions with co-workers and other colleagues.
  • Work to establish a positive relationship with co-workers and set aside differences for the benefit of the organization.
  •  Strive to consider the needs of others.

1.3       RESPECT - Employees of Sagamok Anishnawbek have a responsibility to:

  • Treat co-workers with respect and hold their right to success to be as important as their own.
  • Respect the opinions, and skills and knowledge of their co-workers and other colleagues.
  • Respect the privacy of and be courteous to co-workers and other colleagues.
  • Refrain from engaging in or supporting any activity that would discredit Sagamok Anishnawbek.

1.4       BRAVERY - Employees of Sagamok Anishnawbek have a responsibility to:

  • Be prepared to defend their beliefs and convictions when requested.
  • Take responsibility and be accountable for their actions at all times.
  • View constructive criticism positively and move to improve themselves or the situation.
  • Acknowledge and admit their mistakes and attempt to solve them in a positive manner.

1.5       HONESTY - Employees of Sagamok Anishnawbek have a responsibility to:

  • Refrain from providing false or misleading advice or documentation.
  • Act and communicate honestly with no ulterior motive.
  • Avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest and advise their immediate supervisor of any potential conflict.
  • Perform their duties in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and standards.

1.6       HUMILITY - Employees Sagamok Anishnawbek have a responsibility to:

  • Delegate their responsibilities and authority to others when required.
  • Accept the directives of those in authority.
  • Make a change to their actions or decisions when presented with a more constructive way of performing their duties.
  • Refrain from viewing themselves as superior to their colleagues and willingly help others when the need exists.

1.7       TRUTH - Employees of Sagamok Anishnawbek have a responsibility to:

  • Be knowledgeable of the seven teachings and strive to live by them while performing the functions of their jobs.

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Department Description

Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik roughly translates as ‘Healing House’ in Anishnawbemowin, but is also referred to as Sagamok Health & Social Services.  The unit is the hub of community health & well-being.  The department provides secondary and tertiary programs and services.  The department is overseen by a management team and lead by the Health & Social Services Director. 

Health & Social Services Director
The Health & Social Service Director is responsible for the overall management of Health & Social Services.  The Director represents Sagamok Anishnawbek and lobbies with external organizations and governments for Health & Social Services development.
Contact: Eileen Smith
(705) 865-2171

Finance Manager
The Finance Manager is responsible for administering sound financial resources and to participate as part of the Management Team to effectively manage affairs of Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik.
Contact: Tammy Manitowabi
(705) 865-2171

Executive Assistant
The Executive Assistant provides executive support to the Health & Social Services Director and to the Health and Social Services Steering Committee.
Contact: Lorraine Chakasim
(705) 865-2171

Clinic Hours of Operation

Visiting Professionals Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sandra Camillo, CHN Available 9-3 pm Available 9-3 pm Available 9-3 pm Available 9-3 pm Available 9-3 pm
Marilyn Jones, CHR Available 9-3 pm Available 9-3 pm Available 9-3 pm Available 9-3 pm Available 9-3 pm
Rochelle Hatton, NP   Available 9:30-3 pm     Available9 :30-3 pm
Richard SanCartier, NP     Available 9-3 pm Available 9-3 pm  
Dr MacIntosh, MD   Available every
2nd Tuesday
10-3 pm
Marie Morin, Dietician Available once per week. Contact Medical Clerk for appointment.
Dr. Blackwell,
18 + under Psychiatrist
Bi-weekly once per week. Contact Lana Pine for referral.
Brian Nootchtai,
Aboriginal Mental Health Case Worker

Every Fri. 8:30-4:30pm

Lana Pine,
Community Social Worker,
Mental Health & Addictions
Available 8:30-4:30pm Available 8:30-4:30pm Available 8:30-4:30pm Available 8:30-4:30pm Available 8:30-4:30pm
Joanne Sonnenburg,
Parent/Infant Advisor
Available 8:30-4:30pm Available 8:30-4:30pm Available 8:30-4:30pm Available 8:30-4:30pm Available 8:30-4:30pm

Contact Information:

Sagamok Naandwedjige Gamik
4005 Espaniel Street, Sagamok
P.O. Box 610
Massey, Ontario
P0P 1P0
Tel.(705) 865-2171
Fax. (705) 865-3131



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