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Sagamok in the Media



Russell, Rosalind   “Nominations for Chief and Council in Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation”  My Algoma-Manitoulin Now.  July 6, 2018.



Briggs, David  “Elliot Lake raises Serpent River First nation flag”.  Elliot Lake Standard.  June 27, 2018.



Carmichael, Harold  “Sudbury judge reviewing treaty challenge”.  The Sudbury Star.  June 23, 2018.



“Robinson Huron Treaty Annuity Case Final Arguments Conclude Tomorrow”.  Sault Online.  June 21, 2018.



McSheffrey, Kevin and Camilla White-Kirkpatrick  “NDP Michael Mantha wins third term in Algoma Manitoulin”.  Elliot Lake Standard.  June 8, 2018.



Cahendet, Justine  “Territorial Royalties: A Historical Trial for Many Aboriginals”.  Radio-Canada.  June 7, 2018.



Carmichael, Harold  “Payments supposed to rise, First Nations lawyers argue”.  The Sudbury Star.  June 5, 2018.



Drohan, Patricia   “Cultural event held at Espanola High School”   Mid-North Monitor.  May 22, 2018.



Russell, Rosalind  “Notable First Nation Surgeon to be honoured in Sagamok-Anishnawbek FN”.  My Algoma-Manitoulin Now.  May 9, 2018.



“Aboriginal Business Match takes place in Sudbury this August”.  Northern Ontario Business.  May 2, 2018.



Knibbs, Leslie  “Renowned Chef David Wolfman visits Sagamok Anishnawbek”  Anishinabek News.  April 4, 2018.



Hopkin, James  “Indigenous students explore a future in the trades at Sault College”.  SooToday.  February 9, 2018.



Russell, Rosalind  "North East LHIN's New CEO Meets with Northerners"  MyEspanolaNow Moose 99.3FM.  Februay 8, 2018



Knibbs, Leslie  "Pike fishing derby held to assist with Sagamok Tykes trip to LNHL"  The Standard.  January 24, 2018



“Live broadcasting allowed in landmark treaty case”  Anishinabek News.  January 8, 2018.






“Better water and wastewater treatment for Thunder Bay residents”  Infrastructure Canada.  April 27, 2018


Announcement by Industry Canada of approved funding for 12 projects across Ontario under the Canada-Ontario Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) agreement which is designed to improve the safety and quality of water for Canadian Families while supporting a clean economy. 


Sagamok Anishnawbek has been approved for $178,522 ($119,015 federal funding plus $59,507 provincial funding) for a proposed subdivision new water main. 



“Indigo Love of Reading Foundation Literacy Fund Grants”  INDIGO Love of Reading Foundation.  May 26, 2018.







Johnson, Rhiannon  “Indigenous post-secondary social networking app gets funding to expand”.  CBC.  April 17, 2018.








McCleary, Sara  "Schools to develop Indigenous study"  Sault This Week [December 19, 2017]


Erskine, Michael  "Blind River and Elliiot Lake not in running for nuclear waste facility"  Manitoulin Expositor [December 13, 2017]



Dunick, Leith  "Ignace, Manitouwadge still in running for nuclear waste repository: Nuclear Waste Management Organization eliminates Blind River and Elliot Lake from consideration"  ThunderBay NewsWatch [December 7, 2017]



Perkel, Colin  "Search narrowed for place to store used nuclear fuel"  CBC  [December 6, 2017]



Brousseau, Jessica  "NWMO eliminates Elliot Lake and Blind River"  The Standard [December 6, 2017]



"Hunters & Gatherers: The Spirit of the harvest: keeping the tradition of hunting alive"  CBC News [November 13, 2017]



Burridge, Robin  "Robinson Huron Treaty revisited at four day hearing"  Manitoulin Expositor [November 1, 2017]



Erskine, Michael  "Kenjgewin Teg Educational Insitute hosts a bustling Career Fair"  Manitoulin Expositor [October 25, 2017]



Laps in Judgement   "150 Interesting Things Item #063 Sagamok Anishnawbek Collection"  YouTube [September 24, 2017  1:15]   

Lapse in Judgement presents "Sagamok Anishnawbek Collection", a profile of the Sagamok exhibit at the Massey Area Museum.

See also:



Hutchison, Vicky  "First Nation health care organizations begin technological journey with Electronic Medical Records"  Anishninabek News [August 22, 2017]



Peltier-Roy, Joanne  "Sagamok Anishnawbek Graduation 2017"  YouTube [August 19, 2017  9:48] 

Secondary & Post-Secondary Students Graduation Ceremonies, Fort LaCloche



Taylor, Darren  "Healthy news for North Shore Communities"  SooToday [July 13, 2017]



"New homes for Sagamok Anishnawbek elders in Massey supported by Government of Canada investments"   CMHC [July 11, 2017]



Knibbs, Leslie  "Sagamok Powwow honours Anishinaabe culture and tradition"  The Mid-North Monitor [July 10, 2017]



IRPP - Institute for Research & Public Policy  "Understanding the Indian Act Workshop"  YouTube [May 11, 2017  1:09:15] 

Sagamok member and lawyer, Roger Jones, participates in a discussion on the ongoing impacts of the Indian Act on indigenous people in Canada.



Knibbs, Leslie  "New outdoor adventure tour company now open"  MidNorth Monitor [May 8, 2017]



Drohan, Patricia  "Forestry students tap their high school trees to make syrup"  MidNorth Monitor [April 24, 2017]



"Sagamok Anishnawbek and Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre Sign Historic Collaboration Agreement"   Around & About [April 11, 2017]



Fontaine, Tim  "First Nations among those reporting mysterious lights in the sky in 2016: UFO Survey"  CBC News Indigenous [April 8, 2017]



"LaCloche Lake Walleye Spawning Assessment"   Anishinabek/Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre [April 2017]



Brown, Lynn  “The Ontario Native Volleyball Invitational comes to The Sault”  Sault Online [March 31, 2017].



Morley, Helen  "Drug Strategies being discussed for the Espanola area"  The Mid-North Monitor [March 20, 2017]



Erskine, Michael   “Wikwemikong e-health initiative goes live”  Manitoulin Expositor.  [March 15, 2017]



Knibbs, Leslie  "Sagamok hockey tournament: 'playing with heart and memories'"  Anishinabek News [March 11, 2017]



Knibbs, Leslie  "Sagamok celebrates Family Day with fish derby in support of Little NHL teams"  Anishinabek News [March 6, 2017]



"Dutch love-child fathered by First Nations' Canadian veteran finds lost identity, gets citizenship"  National Post [March 3, 2017]



Knibbs, Leslie  “TEK Elders continue their efforts in fight against government aerial spraying”  Anishinabek News  [March 1, 2017]



Knibbs, Leslie  “Urban Warriors hold demonstration at Highway 6 and 17”  MidNorth Monitor.  [February 27, 2017].



Ella Myers  “Startups keep money at home.  Canadore program trains budding Indigenous entrepreneurs in business planning”  Northern Ontario Business.  [February 23, 2017].



Kohtakangas, Eric  “Indigenous communities, Cementation benefit from strong partnerships”  Canadian Mining Journal.  [February 16, 2017].



Knibbs, Leslie  “Sagamok: A warm and caring community this Christmas” in Midnorth Monitor [January 2, 2017]



Knibbs, Leslie  "Eshkakogan and other Chiefs Support TEK Elders to Stop Aerial"  TEK Elders Group [February 2, 2017]








Frangione, Rocco  “Several businesses could open in Sagamok thanks to entrepreneurial program” In [December 29, 2016]



Building businesses at Sagamok First Nation” in [December 28, 2016]



Gignac, Julien  “In Northern Ontario, herbicides have indigenous people treading carefully and taking action”.  The Globe and Mail [December 28, 2016]



Knibbs, Leslie  “Sagamok hosts their first FASD conferenece”  Anishinabek News  [December 26, 2016]



Startup businesses flourish in Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation” in Northern Ontario Business [December 22, 2016]



"Start-Ups Coming to Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation” in Canadore News [December 22, 2016]



Knibbs, Leslie  “The Education System and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder”  Anishinabek News [December 12, 2016]



Leeson, Ben  “Sudbury Accent: Funding announcements started in March”  The Sudbury Star [December 10, 2016]



McCutcheon, Alicia  “Over $2 million in federal government funding announced for Manitoulin area” in The Manitoulin Expositor [November 16, 2016]



Knibbs, Leslie  "A sunny fun-filled Saturday at Sagamok"  Anishinabek News [October 27, 2016]



Ougler, Jeffrey  “Up to 20 cuts when aboriginal agency becomes accredited to take over care of First Nations children”  Sault Star [September 26, 2016]



Kelly, Lindsay, “Indigenous communities seek a fair stake in mining industry” in Northern Ontario Business, September 27, 2016



Snowy Impressions  "Sagamok Fall Classic Walleye Tournament 2016"  YouTube [September 24, 2016  10:29] 

Cynthia Solomon's video of the morning start at the 2016 Sagamok Fall Walleye Classic on the Spanish River



Frangione, Rocco  “Sagamok Joins US First Nation to Oppose Pipeline”  MyAlgomaManitoulinNow [September 22, 2016]



Harry, Isobel  “Sharing aboriginal traditions: philosophy and business model of the Great Spirit Circle Trail”  Manitoulin Expositor [July 27, 2016].



Mankarios, Joyce  “Ring of Fire Task Force Meeting – June 30, 2016”  Sudbury Chamber of Commerce [July 25, 2016].



Ablett, Taylor  “Paul Eshkakogan Acclaimed as Sagamok Anishnawbek Chief for Another Term”  MyAlgomaManitoulinNow [July 14, 2016]



Knibbs, Leslie  “Sagamok received money from FedNor”  MidNorth Monitor [May 18, 2016]



Knibbs, Leslie  “Sagamok Anishnawbek to upgrade Ritchie Falls Resort”  Anishinabek News [May 11, 2016]



Government of Canada Investment Supports Jobs, Business Growth and Cultural Tourism in Massey Region”  Marc Serre, MP Nickel Belt [April 26, 2016]



Kelly, Lindsay  “Popular North Shore hunting lodge expanding, rebranding”  Northern Ontario Business [March 4, 2016]



Plain, Greg  “Sagamok brings in New Year with Ogiima Giizhgat”  Anishinabek News [January 17, 2016]



Drohan, Patricia  “First baby of 2016 from Sagamok”  The Mid North Monitor [January 4, 2016]








Moodie, Jim  “Doghouses built for northern winters”  The Sudbury Star [December 11, 2015]



Stefo, Cris, “Guelph students put together dog houses for First Nation community”  Guelph Mercury  [Dec 01, 2015]



IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare  "Piloting Humane Community Development in Sagamok"  YouTube [November 17, 2015  5:32]



Burridge, Robin “Area First Nations weigh in on new culture strategy for Ontario”  [November 18, 2015]



Ougler, Sault Star  “Up to 20 cuts when aboriginal agency becomes accredited to take over care of First Nations children”  Sault Star  [September 26, 2015]



Toulouse, Colleen  "Youth run an Amazing Race in Sagamok"  Anishinabek News [September 7, 2015]



McKenzie, Jamie-Lee   “Rezilience billed to be first-ever First Nation zombie thriller” Anishinabek News [September 3, 2015]



Moodie, Jim  'We're trying to save what's left' The Sudbury Star   [August 31, 2015]



Leeson, Ben  “Zombies on The Rez”  Sudbury Star  [July 28, 2015]



Brousseau, Jessica  “A blood suds of a good time”  MidNorth Monitor [July 28, 2015]



Brosseau, Jessica  “Zombies invade Massey this Saturday” Elliot Lake Standard [July 22, 2015]



Knibbs, Leslie  “TEK Elders position paper takes stand against aerial spraying”   The Mid-North Monitor [June 30, 2015]



News in a Flash “Student filmmaker receiving national award”   Nugget  [May 14, 2015]



"Pike Spawing Assessment: Project Summary Sagamok Anishnawbek"  A/OFRC [Report (1page): February 2015]



Zombies to depict colonization of First Nations in new movie”  CBC News [January 30, 2015]



Hanneth, Janice  "Humane Community Development pilot a success in Sagamok First Nation"  IFAW [January 26, 2015]



Sagamok Anishnawbek & Ionic Engineering  "Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nations and Ionic Engineering Sign Cooperation Agreement"  Republic of Mining [News Release: January 22, 2015]









Murray, James “One Laptop Per Child Benefits Aboriginal Youth in Ontario”  [November 20, 2014]



Laptops galore with help from Vale”  Sudbury Northern Life Staff [Nov 13, 2014]



"Reviving Totten mine from its flooded past"  The Canadian Mining Journal [2014]




Taylor-Vaisey  "First Nations transparency: a deeper look at chiefs’ earnings"  McLeans [December 2, 2014]



"Salary tracker: Explore the earnings of First Nations chiefs across Canada"  The Globe and Mail [August. 15, 2014]



Laskaris, Sam “Former NHLer Is Behind the Bench in His Hometown”  [July 13, 2014]



New water rights report taps Anishinaabe elder testimony”  CBC News [June 25, 2014]



Migneault, Jonathan  “Vale's Totten Mine opens after three-year delay”  Sudbury Northern Life [Feb 21, 2014]



News Release  “Vale opens first new mine in Sudbury in over 40 years”  Canada NewsWire [February 21, 2014]



NICKEL: Celebration marks opening of Vale’s Totten mine in Sudbury”  The Canadian Mining Journal  [February 24, 2014]



Stricker, Laura  "Accent: Sudbury Totten a space-age mine"  The Sudbury Star [February 22, 2014]



Mulligan, Carol  “New Sudbury mine 'very important' to Vale”  The Sudbury Star [February 22, 2014]



Vale's Totten Mine officially opens Friday”  Northern Life [Feb 18, 2014]



Baron, Lauren  “Changing the face of First Nations fashion”  Brant News  [ Jan 17, 2014 ]










Kelly, Lindsay  "Sagamok First Nation sees benefits from Totten"  Northern Ontario Business [November 26, 2013]


Tollin Sky, Norm  "KGHM begins site preparation for Victoria Project"  Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal [November 25, 2013]



LaLonde, Dawn   "A Time of Remembrance"  MidNorth Monitor/QMI Agency    [November 14, 2013]



CeeitVideo   "Earl Lambert Sagamok First Nation Youth Mentorship Program 2013"  YouTube [October 3, 2013  16:15]



McSheffrey, Kevin  “Massey Area Museum - Guardian of the past”  Elliot Lake Standard [October 2, 2013]



Ross, Ian  “Prophecy Platinum looks to cut costs on Sudbury-area mine” Northern Ontario Business [September 11, 2013]



Kelly, Lindsay  “Manitoulin hotel offers modern amenities for changing industry”  Northern Ontario Business [July 10, 2013]



McSheffrey, Kevin  “Cell and internet service expanded along Highway 108 corridor”  The Standard [March 19, 2013]



Earl Lambert   "Earl Lambert - National Aboriginal Addictions Awareness Week: Sagamok FN"  YouTube [February 5, 2013  16:20]








DreamcatcherFund  "2012 Dreamcatcher Gala: Renee Owl - Human Rights"  YouTube [December 12, 2012  2:07]



Cels Solo  "Sagamok's First Annual Buddy Walk"  YouTube [November 8, 2012  4:31] 

Promoting Down Syndrome Awareness & Acceptance


CeeitVideo   "Earl Lambert - Sagamok H.E.A.R.T. Conference"  YouTube [September 1, 2012  5:46]



School board, First Nations sign education agreements”  Northern Life [June 27, 2012]



Board & 11 First nations renew Education Service Agreements”  Rainbow Schools (Website) [June 26, 2012)



ABORIGINAL RELATIONS: Vale Canada, Sagamok Anishnawbek solidify Totten partnership”  Canadian Mining Journal [June 26, 2012]



Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations   "First Nations Partnerhsip"  Glencore. 

Sagamok-Sudbury Integrated Nickel Memorandum of Understanding



Vale, Sagamok sign Totten Mine deal”  The Sudbury Star [June 25, 2012]



"Sagamok/QuadraFNX"  In OurTimes  Official blog of the Consilium Consulting Group, Aarluk Consulting, and Stonecircle Consulting.  [June 21, 2011]

Sagamok- QuadraFNX Memorandum of Understanding - Victoria Property



Quesnel, Shannon  "Elliot Lake keeps second place in seniors' numbers race"  Elliot Lake Standard  [June 6, 2012]



Myers, Laurel  “Little NHL looks to create winning match”  Sudbury Northern Life [March 14, 2012]



Quesnel, Shannon  “Native students meet, heal at residential school reunion”  Elliot Lake Standard [March 14, 2012]



Rellinger, Paul  “Alderville First Nation youth headed to Sudbury for annual tournament: Playing in 41st LNHL Tournament”  Northumberland News [March10, 2012]



Little NHL begins Sunday”  Northern Life [March 9, 2012]



Lappa, John  “Little NHL returns to Sudbury in March”  Sudbury Star [January 13, 2012]









McSheffrey, Kevin  “North Shore Tribal Council opposes spent nuclear fuel rod repository in region”  Elliot Lake Standard [December 28, 2011]



Knibbs, Leslie  "Sables-Spanish River council from parking tickets to horses to ... [Council Denies SAFN Request]" MidNorth Monitor [September 21, 2011]



Eggertson, Laura  “Transparent, entrepreneurial First Nations reap economic success from coast to coast”  The Star [January 14, 2011]










Owl, Laura  "First Nation Governments Demonstrating Accountability - Sagamok Anishnawbek's Story"  Assembly of First Nations [Powerpoint Presentation for AFN 2010 Fall Planning & Dialogue Forum: November 9, 2010]



Gillies, Mike  "Spanish River Lake Sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens Spawning Assessment 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009"  Anishinabek/Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre [Report (18pages): September 2010]



Sagamok Tourney Results: Lake Wins Sagamok Tournament” [July 26, 2010]



Gilbert, Craig  "Highway stoppage may just be the beginning"  MidNorth Monitor [April 28, 2010]



Wadden, Marie  "Ottawa delivers a blow to native sobriety campaign"  The Star [ April 1, 2010]



The Agenda with Steve Paikin  "Angus Toulouse on First Nations & the HST"  YouTube [March 5, 2010  15:10] 

Grand Chief Angus Toulouse on why First Nations oppose the Harmonized Sales Tax


Ross, Ian  “Nickel miner restarts open pit”  Northern Ontario Business [March 2, 2010]








McCarthy, Shawn  “At what price ‘white man’s money’”  Globe and Mail [July 18, 2009].



Spanish River Lake Sturgeon Assessment, 2009”  Anishinabek / Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre [October 28, 2009]



Spanish River Meeting Brings People Together”  Anishinabek / Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre [October 28, 2009]



Sagamok Fastball Tournament: MOOSE FACTORY BRAVES WIN SECOND ANNUAL TOURNAMENT [July 26, 2009]








Sagamok Anishnawbek Fall Harvest Gathering”  Anishinabek / Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre [October 29, 2008]



First Nation Water Policy Forum”  Anishinabek / Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre [October 29, 2008]



Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge (ATK) Workshop Held in Toronto”  Anishinabek / Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre [October 29, 2008]



Ministry of the Attorney General    "Community Justice Strengthened in Sagamok"  Nationtalk [News Release: August 28, 2008]



Hanes, Allison  “In Cape Breton, a success story”  National Post [February 20, 2008]
















Ministry of Northern Development and Mines  "Province Promotes Economic Growth at Sagamok First Nation: McGuinty Government on the Side of Northerners"  Government of Ontario [Bulletin: October 31, 2006]













Anish nabe Channel - Sagamok on YouTube!



Anish nabe  "Sagamok News! May 2015"  YouTube [May 15, 2015]


Anish nabe  "Sagamok News!"  YouTube [March 16, 2015  3:37]


Anish nabe  "Sagamok News! Christmas Toy Drive"  YouTube [January 7, 2015  3:46]


Anish nabe  "Sagamok News!"  YouTube [July 23, 2014  23:53]


Anish nabe  "Sagamok News! July 2014"  YouTube [July 8, 2014]


Anish nabe  "Sagamok News! June 10th Ritchie Falls"  YouTube [June 10, 2014  6:59]


Anish nabe  "Sagamok News! May 9th Smelt Fry!"  YouTube [May 9, 2014  1:13]


Anish nabe "March News 2"  YouTube [April 1, 2014  29:56]


Anish nabe  "August 2013 Earl Lambert"  YouTube [March 27, 2014  7:21]


Anish nabe "Jan 16 Sagamok News"  YouTube [March 27, 2014  8:26]


Anish nabe "Feb 2014 Dog"  YouTube [March 27, 2014  16:26]


Anish nabe  "Sagamok News March 1"  YouTube [March 27, 2014  17:56]

Second Dog Bylaw Meeting, Biidaaban Classic, Land Use and Occupancy Celebration


Toulouse, Allen  "dinner 2012 slide show (2/2)" YouTube [December 17, 2012  9:54]


T4s5torm "Sagamok news feed" alt:"Sagamok News Baapaashkaakodin Giizis"  YouTube [January 30, 2012  11:07] 

LNHL Sudbury Conference, Right to Play Broom Ball Tournament


Toulouse, Allen  "Sagamok / AOFRC Pike tagging"  YouTube [June 6, 2013]


Anish nabe  "Lands Code and Matrimonial real Property Law Ratification"  YouTube  [June 19, 2015  13:39]




COLLECTIONS - Remarkable Members in the Media

Carol Ann Budd


Nadine Caron


Roger Jones       Recipient of 2011 National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Law & Justice


Joyce Toulouse

"A Discussion with Joyce Toulouse, Member of Sagamok First Nation, Ontario Canada"  Berkely Centre for Religion, Peace & World Affairs [June 5, 2015]


Renee Espaniel, Korean War Veteran

Drohan, Patricia  "Rene Espaniel, Korean War Veteran"  Elliot Lake Standard [November 8, 2016]


Dr. Peter Menzies



Walter Mejaki

"Dutch love-child fathered by First Nations' Canadian veteran finds lost identity, gets citizenship"  National Post [March 3, 2017]



COLLECTIONS - Visitors & Friends

Earl Lambert

Lambert, Earl  "Earl Lambert Sagamok Anishnawbek Youth Mentorship Program 2013"  YouTube [October 3, 2013  16:15]


Lambert, Earl  "National Aboriginal Addictions Awareness Week: Sagamok FN"  YouTube [February 3, 2013  16:20] 

Motivational Speaker Earl Lambert in Sagamok working with community members during NAAAW 2013


Lambert, Earl  "Ceeit - Earl Lambert - Sagamok HEART Conference"  YouTube [September 1, 2012  6:46]




COLLECTIONS - Mining Partnerships


"Shakespeare Nickel Mine"  URSA Major Minerals Incorporated [2011]


"Vale Totten Mine Project"  Cementation


"Memorandum of Understanding with Sagamok Anishnawbek"  Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations: Glencore



"Sudbury gets its first new mine in decades"  International Mining [February 24, 2014]


Migneault, Jonathan  "Vale's Totten Mine opens after three-years delay"  Northern Ontario Business [February 24, 2014]


"Vale to open Totten Mine Feb.21"  Northern Ontario Business [February 18, 2014]


Kelly, Lindsay  "Totten Mine"  Northern Ontario Business [December 9, 2013]


Kelly, Lindsay  "Training Jobs and business opportunities: Sagamok First nation sees benefits from Totten"  Sudbury Mining Solutions [November 26, 2013]


Goulais, Kory  "Sagamok Anishnawbek Seals the Deal with Vale Canada Limited - An Impact and Benefits Agreement is Concluded" Our TImes BLOG [June 27, 2012]


QMI Agency "Vale, Sagamok sign Totten Mine deal"  Elliot Lake Standard [June 27, 2012]


"Vale, Sagamok FN solidify Totten partnership" [June 26, 2012]


"Vale, Sagamok sign agreement on Totten Mine"  Northern Ontario Business [June 26, 2012]



"New Agreement Strengthens Mining -Industry First Nations Relations"  Ontario Mining Association [January 19, 2012]


"First Nation, mining company sign deal"  Sudbury Star [January 17, 2012]


"Quadra FNX & Sagamok Anishnawbek Sign Memorandum of Understanding for the Victoria Project"  MARKETWIRE [January 17, 2012]




Larmour, Adelle  "Vale Inco forges new ties with First Nation"  Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal [December 1, 2009]


"URSA Major Minerals and Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation sign Impacts and Benefits Agreement for Shakespeare Project"  MARKETWIRE [August 12, 2009]





COLLECTIONS - Other Partnerships


"Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation and Ionic Engineering Sign Cooperation Agreement"  SAMSSA [January 21, 2015]






COLLECTIONS - Quality Management ISO:9001


Quesnel, Joseph  "Finding Strength from Within: How Volunteary Outside Accredition Can Advance First Nation Communities"  Frontier Centre for Public Policy No.116 [January 2014]


"Sagamok Anishnawbek gains ISO designation"  Anishinabek News September 2008 (p14) [Vol20 Issue7  September 2008]




COLLECTIONS - Issues & Concerns with our Lands


Benny Forest


Moodie, Jim  "Friends remember the Benny Forest `pit bull'"  Sudbury Star [March 29, 2017]


"Police ID Victim of Wednesday train collision as Benny Forest activist" [March 23, 2017]


Moodie, Jim  "Sudbury-area forest activist arrested again"  Sudbury Star [March 21, 2017]


"Anishinabek man lays land claim over Benny forest in northern Ontario"  CBC News [January 20, 2017]


McNichol, Clyde Glenn Joseph  "Benny Forest Land Claim" [January 13, 2017]




Carmichael, Harold  "Sudbury Logging Protestor now wants trial"  Sudbury Star [November 22, 2016]


McNichol, Barbara Ronson  "Camp Eagle Nest: Presentation Delivered to Environmental Assessment Review Panel, Nov. 4, 2016"  [Presentation]


"The Council of Canadians supports local efforts to protect the Benny Forest"  The Council of Canadians [September 18, 2016]


Mulligan, Carol  "Benny hearing goes to Sudbury court today"  Sudbury Star [March 18, 2016]


Petahtegoose et al. v. Eacom Timber et al. 2016 ONSC 2481



Moodie, Jim  "We're trying to save what's left"  Sudbury Star [August 31, 2015]


Leeson, Ben  "Activists considering Blockade"  Sudbury Star [October 24, 2015]


"Benny Forest Logging Dispute" MediaCoop [Media Release   June 29, 2015]


"Non-Native Fights for Benny Forest"  NationTalk [May 14, 2015]


Everson, Alana "Protecting Benny"  CTV Newsclip


McNichol, Barbara Ronson  "More about the Benny Forest Issue"  May 13, 2015





Robinson Huron Treaty Annuities Case



Ball, David P.  "Unchanged treaty annuity is 'weight of justice' on Anishinabek"  AMMSA Windspeaker [2012]


"Media Advisory: Robinson-Huron Treaty Lawsuit Hearings to Commence Against Federal and Provincial Governments in Thunder Bay"  MiningWatch [September 25, 2017]





Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK Elders)