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Memorandum to Students, Staff, Parents/Guardians January 5, 2022 RE: Education Closures
Posted: Jan 05, 2022


TO:         Shki Waase-Aaban Binoojiinh Gamik, Biidaaban Kinoomaagegamik, Waawaasnoode and EHS staff, students, Parents/Guardians

FR:         Anna Marie Abitong – Director of Education AMA

CC:         Tammy Manitowabi – Director of Operations, Chief & Council, Ryan McLeod – Director of Finance and Claudette Fournier – Education Executive Assistant

Date:     January 5, 2022

RE:         Education Closures

As we continue to experience positive COVID cases within the community, the education facilities will continue to be closed for in person learning until Friday January 21, 2022.  Further notice will be provided the week of January 17th on what the plan will be after the January 21st extension. 

Status by program area are as follows: 

  1. Shki Waase-Aaban Binoojiinh Gamik will continue to provide parents and children with weekly activities to continue at home and delivery of nutrition hampers on Fridays.  Staff are scheduled to work at the Centre in preparation of resources and home deliveries.  A staff person is available during the day to respond to calls from parents and provide supports.  From time-to-time staff may also be reassigned to assist other community services as required and/or requested.
  2. Biidaaban Kinoomaagegamik will continue with on line learning and further directives will be provided by the School Principal on a weekly basis, or as needed to parents.  I am aware that attendance is becoming an issue and that first term report cards will be issued at the end of this month.  Attendance is critical for your child’s success in continuing their pathway to future opportunities.  The School Principal and staff are available to discuss any issues you may have with the virtual learning process and can provide supports necessary to assist you and/or your child.  Staff will also be scheduled at the school in preparation of resources necessary to assist with in home lessons, assessments and homework activities. 
  3. Waawaasnoode Adult Learning Centre will continue with online supports to students for completion of course materials at home.  The WALC teachers, including EHS Reengagement teacher, will continue to contact students directly to provide supports.  I would also like to take this time to welcome our newest teacher to Waawaasnoode – Mr. Charles Daviau.  Mr. Daviau comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in mathematics, science, business and micro economics.  He is also very knowledgeable with post secondary (college and university) pathways and is eager to work with our students at Waawaasnoode and throughout our other education programs. 
  4. Espanola High School has moved to remote learning effective Wednesday January 5, 2022 until at least January 17, 2022 as per notice issued to parents and students by the Rainbow District School Board dated January 3, 2022.  Chrome books will be picked up and delivered to homes this week by our Student Support Worker for those who continued with face-to-face learning before the Christmas break. 
  5. Post Secondary Support Workers and ISETS staff will continue to work from home and can be contacted by email and cell phones.  Post Secondary Support Workers are to inform and provide all contact information to their respective students.  Staff will periodically work from the office for administrative purposes to update student/client files.

As always, we all need to continue to do our part in preventing the spread of the virus.   Be diligent in practicing our established protocols (i.e., wearing medical grade masks at all times, isolation if symptomatic as per our screening tool, hand washing, etc.…) and be safe.

I trust that I have provided the necessary information in continuing to support our students during this time of extreme caution and if you should have any questions or further concerns regarding this memorandum, please contact Claudette Fournier by email at




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