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Committees 2016-2018




Community Wellness Steering Committee
The vision of the Community Wellness Steering Committee is 

Patricia Trudeau


Two Terms


Patricia is a retired nurse, serving as Community Health Representative with Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik for 11 years, managing the community’s Long Term Care program through Chi-Nishinawbe M’gizi Wigwam (Elders Eagle Lodge) for 11 years and a nurse at the Espanola Hospital. 


Patricia is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles with her Sagamok community members – inside Committee meeting rooms and out in the community.  She believes her committee makes a difference in the lives of Sagamok community members and is committed to building services that meet the needs of her community. 


Patricia is a linkage between Sagamok Anishnawbek and the Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre (ERHHC), serving as a board member for the past two years.  Patricia feels that this position serves a value function in improving and enhancing the health care experiences of members of the Sagamok community as patients of ERHHC. 

Kyla Toulouse

Member   Youth Representative

One Term


Kyla provides the committee with an active youth voice, contributing a youth perspective in planning and implementing programs, services and activities in the Sagamok community that contribute to the overall wellness of its members. 


Kyla cares about her community and says that the committee brings together a team that works with the community to make Sagamok a healthier, happier and well community as a whole.  “We all work together, create ideas together, laugh together, support each other together and come up with solutions together.”


Kyla has been a member of the committee for one term and says that she has learned not only about community based services, but about how caring for people leads to brighter futures for her fellow Sagamonians. 

Grace Manitowabi

Member   Elder Representative

Six Terms


The committee benefits from Grace’s life journey and the passions that come with it.  The community knows her through her tireless contributions around many meeting room tables, within community conversations and at events that impact her community.  A member of the Sagamok Chi-Anishnawbek (Elders) Council for the past six years, Grace is also a member of the Community Wellness Steering Committee where she has been a member for a dozen years. 


Grace was born and raised in Sagamok.  She is a mother and grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, friend and relation to all.  Grace feels very strongly about bringing forth the issues that matter to her relations within community forums as well as within other arenas in indigenous country and settler institutions. 


Grace loves her community and its members.  She is passionate about her people and their wellness, lending her voice to advance the issues that are important to them.  She believes strongly in her community’s strengths to come together to find and implement solutions to meet the needs of its members and to create a brighter future for all Sagamonians. 


Grace is an Elder who

Classroom Elder

Environment, dumpsite. Graveyards, water

Colleen Toulouse


Two Terms


Colleen is an accomplished journalist and writer, a passionate educator and driven to break down barriers for Sagamok community members in accessing quality, available and culturally safe health services close to home. 


Now the Adult Literacy Instructor for Enjikendaasang Learning Centre, she also has over ten years of experience working with Biidaaban Kinoomaagegamik students.  Her time as an educator has given Colleen an appreciation for establishing relationships with schools to engage with students and parents and bring awareness to health and wellness issues such as those concerning mental health, developmental disorders like FASD and diabetes.  She believes that engagement with students and parents is key for healthy families to thrive in Sagamok. 


Colleen believes that stories are the key to changing the world, and certainly her community.  The stories of individual community members tell a collective narrative that appreciates the world from a variety of perspectives that come from unique personal journeys, experiences and circumstances.  Their individual stories add to an authentic community story that is uniquely of Sagamok, inclusive, community driven, and capable of imagining roadmaps for positively motivated change.  Stories light fires and inspire change that is lasting,


Colleen’s fire to improve and enhance healthcare services for her community and desire to join the committee stems from her own personal journey with health issues and having to navigate the health care system. 


Colleen brings experience working with indigenous organizations on the national stage and is well versed in resources, supports,

Arnelda Bennett

Chair   Council Portfolio Holder

One term


Networking potentials


Improving access to health care services available in the Sagamok community, including: 

Access to health services for community


Reimbursement through NHIB

Saswin Mental Health, Addictions & Cultural Services



with Sagamok community members, organization and agencies, as well as community groups to


Joint Steering Committee 


Collaborating with outside agencies to enhance health services for Sagamok members, including: 

Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre

LaCloche Foothills

Nogdawindamin Family and Community Services



create culturally safety health care services for all community members


client focused approach to health and wellness that comes from the community


Education - Health Professionals like Dr. Bertram, Dr. Broken Leg, Mental Health, NAAAM


Enhancing medical transporation with purchase of two new vans


Emotional Support Line


We have a drive to work continuously to make things better


Centre of Excellence


Healing Lodge

Cultural Approaches

Women's Shelter

Palliative Care





Mary Ann Trudeau

Member   Council Representative

Seven terms


Mary Ann is a community Elder and holder of indigenous forms of knowledge.  She fluently uses and shares her language as well as her


She is a teacher, Anishnaabemowin kinoomaage kwe, and Elder Advisor at Biidaaban Kinoomaagegamik.  She has contributed to developing Sagamok-based curriculum that facilitates the transmission of knowledge from generation to generation.  It brings her joy to see the children she has taught continuing to use their language as adults and strongly appreciates the role Anishinaabemowin plays in the wellness of Anishinaabe people. 


Mary Ann is the mother of three children, a grandmother of eight and great-grandmother of four.  With her contributions to the committee, Mary Ann pursues a bright future for the ones yet to come. 


Mary Ann was born and raised in Sagamok Anishnawbek.  She knows her community, all its people and her relations, as well as its lands and ways things are done and business is handled.  Today, she is again a Counsellor of Sagamok Anishnawbek and loves serving her community, giving much of her time to a variety of committees and boards of the Sagamok organization. 

Pauline Toulouse


Four Terms


Residential School

Appreciation of 4

Patricia Toulouse


Seven Terms


Traditional Health

Traditional Knowledge


Actively listening and working with community

Angela Toulouse


One Term


Angela holds an educational background in health and social services


Angela appreciates people from an Anishinaabek perspective with an individual understood as a sum of four aspects.  She appreciates an individual’s health and wellbeing as inclusive of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual components and as beings that exist within their own unique context and circumstances, with their own stories to tell and their own needs to express. 


Angela believes that it is people and communities who drive their own change.  She says it is important for







The Sagamok Community Wellness Steering Committee works to create 






Sagamok Community Wellness Steering Committee  2016-2018

Lorraine Chakasim (Committee Support), Kyla Toulouse, Colleen Toulouse, Patricia Toulouse, Mary Ann Trudeau,

Pauline Toulouse, Grace Manitowabi, Angela Toulouse [left to right]

Missing are Patricia Trudeau and Arnelda Bennett.


Stewards of these important community plans and strategies      

Vision 2020 Building a Community Wellness Movement: A Comprehensive Strategy for ending Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Sagamok by the Year 2020.  March 2009 [34 pages]

Sagamok Anishnawbek Alcohol and Drug Abuse Task Force



Sagamok Community Healing and Development: 10 Year Action Plan  Phase Two: Recovering the Foundations of Nation Building.  September 2006 [46 pages]

Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning


Extraction from Sagamok Community Healing and Development: 10 Year Action Plan: Recovering the Foundations of Nation Building   2003  [9 pages]

Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning

Alcohol and Drug Strategy Review: NAAAW Community Consultation.  November 2012   [9pages]

Kelly Tessier, Community Addictions Counsellor, Sagamok Community Wellness Department


Alcohol and Drug Use Survey 2009.  January 2010   [23 pages]

Patricia Toulouse, Lana Pine, Fern Assinewe


Alcohol and Drug Use Survey 2009 [Presentation].   January 2010   [31 pages]

Patricia Toulouse, Lana Pine, Fern Assinewe


Sagamok Alcohol and Drug Strategy Departmental Workplan Framework.  December 2009  [21 pages]

Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning


Report on the Sagamok Alcohol and Drug Summit Final Report.  October 2008  [37 pages]

Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning