Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation
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Thursday, May 24  

Sagamok Education Month 2018


Anishnaabe Language Presentation

First and Second Language


Ninewinan Ezhi-debnigaadegin

with Barb Nolan


For parents, family members and all community members!



Workshop Description This workshop is designed for Daycare staff interested in incorporating Anishinaabe language into the Day-Care system so that Anishinaabe children are exposed to the language at an early age. It will provide an overview of how languages are acquired, as well as how second languages are acquired.

Many researchers see relationships among language, culture and cognitive development (Garcia, 2005). They believe that as children learn a language, they also come to understand their social situation and improve their thinking skills. From their perspective, first language development is a foundation for further knowledge. Second language learners bring with them not just knowledge of their home language, but also ideas about their world that are shaped by their cultural experience. To teach them most effectively, therefore, it is important to respect what they already know, and instead of trying to replace it, build upon it.

The workshop will provide examples on language immersion methods, the proven effective way of transmitting language knowledge from one generation to the next in a variety of contexts.  

When: Thursday May 24, 2018 Time:  1:00 pm—4pm

Where: Wasseyaankaan Teg







This is an Education Month Event.  Participants of this event will receive one (1) ballot for Education Month’s grand prize incentive draws. 

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