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The Sagamok Anishnawbek Administration of Government operates the programs and services to reflect professional standards by administering sound policies and procedures and by establishing systems that demonstrate accountability to community members and other stakeholders.  This goal is attained by overseeing and increasing accountability of all programs and services under the mandate of the Administration of Government in accordance with the plans, policies and directives set by Council.  The Administration of Government also ensures that the ISO designation is secured and maintained and ensures the effective and efficient use of all human resources and supports and guides the emergence of institutions and agencies that contribute to Sagamok’s long term development objectives.  One of these objectives is the attainment of an integrated model of administrative management which calls upon all of the elements of Sagamok Anishnawbek administration to work together on a higher level as a mechanism to bring all community resources together for the benefit of the members. 

In addition to a collaborative effort with administrative staff the Administration of Government has also undertaken the role collaborating with Council to ensure that there is agreement on the efforts of both sides of the organization.  The to do means a higher degree of accountability for all staff and this represents a paradigm shift from the silo approach of administration to a collaborative model where all are responsible for the well being of community members.  It has been said that it does no good to have the best education system in the country if there are no jobs to be found within the community.  Similarly, the availability of jobs does not guarantee successful community development if the social network does not address lifestyle barriers to long term employment.  The key is for all departments to work together, in collaboration, to meet the wholistic needs of the individual and the community.

The Administration of Government is the main administrative unit that is concerned with the attainment of the stated mission and objectives while adhering to the organization’s vision.  All of the efforts of administration have been centralized into one area of responsibility under the Director of Operations.  According to the 2003 Ten Year Action Plan there is a requirement to implement plans, otherwise they are little more than stacks of paper.  “The ten-year plan identifies goals and broad lines of action, (like identifying a destination for a journey, and some of the main roadways to take); you still have to actually take the journey to reach the destination.”1  The Administration of Government department requires the development of Workplans by all departments and managers to detail their goals and objectives for the forthcoming year.  These are developed in accordance with established objectives, vision and mission. 

The Administration of Government also requires all elements of Sagamok Anishnawbek to comply with the Quality Management System and report on the performance objectives set by each program and department.  “To fulfill this requirement staff has had to learn a great deal about effective planning, monitoring and evaluation.”2

In considering the foregoing, the general statement that must be made in terms of compatibility of vision, mission and objectives from the Administration of Government is that there is strong compliance with the stated directives together with the capacity to adapt to changing needs.

The Director of Operations works closely with the Council thereby allowing for the free flow of information and alteration of plans as required by changing circumstances, priorities, opportunities and needs. This factor fully supports the management ideal of joint management efforts between the political and administrative sectors of the organization required for true community growth and advancement.  In addition, there is a constant exchange of information amongst senior management thereby allowing for and providing for the details needed to put work plans into action. 

The development of and use of work plans is an effective tool to align priorities and staff efforts into a streamlined approach to attain the goals as set out.  Currently Sagamok Anishnawbek uses one year work plans to set out the goals and objectives and this is an effective process however, the use of work plans with three year cycles, where a year is added as one is completed, allows for longer term planning and increased efficiency in the use of community resources.  In turn this allows for the attainment of identified goals and the development of new goals on a faster basis. 

Sagamok Personnel Policy 2011

1: from the 2003 Ten Year Action Plan, p 5
2: from the 2006 Ten Year Action Plan, p 9


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