Sagamok Naandwejige-gamik



Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik, "Healing House", is commonly referred to as Community Wellness Department. It is the hub of community health and well-being, providing secondary and tertiary programs and services that support our community members and residents in living full and well lives. 


Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik is overseen by a management team that is lead by the Community Wellness Director and inclusive of the Health Program Manager, Social Program Manager and Manager of Long Term Care & Elders Services. 



Our Locations: 

Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik is a very large administrative unit of Sagamok Anishnawbek and the offices of its' various programs are located in a couple of locations within the Sagamok community. 


Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik's main administrative unit is located in the Community Wellness Building located at 4005 Espaniel Street (next door to the main Band Office Administration Building). 


Health Services are delivered out of the Community Wellness Building's east wing  while the west wing houses the main administrative unit, Child and Youth Services, ___.  


Niigaaniin (Ontario Works) Social Program operates out an office located at 575 Sagamok Road (the old Youth Centre) on main road coming into the Sagamok community. 


Mental Health & Addictions services deliver programs and services from their location at Saswin located at 51 Kokoko Miikun in Sagamok's Beaudryville subdivision. 


Long Term Care and Elders Services operate out of the Elders Eagle Lodge located at 821 Wasacom Drive in the Sagamok's Fort Subdivision. 



Our Mission: 

Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik anticipates and responds to the health and social needs of the community; cultivates and nurtures the desire to take control of personal health and social wellbeing; stimulates and enriches the quality of life in the community by providing holistic education and awareness, intervention and treatment programs and services



Relationships in the Sagamok Community: 

Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik values the relationships it has with the community members whom it serves, supporting three community bodies that help guide decision making in Sagamok at the organizational and leadership levels.  These community bodies include: 


Community Wellness Department Steering Committee        The Steering Committee provides advisory services and recommendations to the program and service delivery of Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik.


Elders Council              The Sagamok Elders Council provides direction and advice with regard to critical community issues relating to elders; youth issues; health; land and resource development.


Youth Council                The Sagamok Youth Council provides a forum where youth provide their insight to community issues that affect youth.  It is an opportunity to build bridges with youth in the community.



Contact Us         

Sagamok Naandwedjige-Gamik Management & Administration Teams

Fern Assinewe                  Community Wellness Director                     (705) 865-2171                   ext.333

Yolande Nashkawa           Health Program Manager                             (705) 865-2171                   ext.334

Donna Trudeau                 Social Program Manager                               (705) 865-1395                   ext.200

Desirea Rheault                Long Term Care & Elders Services                (705) 865-2896


Lorraine Chakasim           Executive Assistant                                         (705) 865-2171                   ext. 335

Tammy Manitowabi        Finance Manager                                             (705) 865-2171                   ext. 331