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Community Justice Program


The Sagamok Community Justice Program  works with community member clients to explore their legal options when the need arises to help inform them of services and supports available to them through the Sagamok Anishnawbek organization and region, as well as through police and court services. 


Miwdoodaa Minomaadiziwin Diversion Program   The Community Justice Program primarily delivers Miwdoodaa Minomaadiziwin Diverson Program for eligible youth and adults in the Sagamok community.  This pre- and post- charge diversion program offers community members that have been charged or facing charged that often results in reduced charges for many types of offences and in many cases, the withdrawal of criminal charges altogether, as well as impact sentencing before a conviction is entered by offering the courts with culturally appropriate and community suitabe alternatives. 


Through the use of facilitated Justice Circle settings that mediates between victims and offenders, members of the Circle are able to appreciate the harms an offence has had on everyone involved - how they have impacted victims and families, clan systems and the overall balances of the community in general.  Circles allow each party to be seen, heard and believed in order to repair harms done to the community and members of Circles include community Elders, service providers, victims and extended families and community members.  Community members who have been charged with many types of offences (excluding _ and _ offences) are able to work within that circle to develop and commit to a personal Healing and Wellness Plan that will be taken into consideration upon sentencing. 


Clients refer themselves to the Community Justice Program after having been charged with an offence and having consulted with legal counsel.





Legal Aid Clinics    The Community Justice Program arranges regular monthly legal aid clinics in the Sagamok community with lawyers experienced with Aboriginal Legal Aid.  You can receive up to a half hour of free summary legal advice on Wills & Estates, Criminal Law and Family Law.


To book an appointment at the next legal aid clinic scheduled in Sagamok, contact: 


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Community Justice is Community Driven


The Community Justice Program's approach is to maintain a relationship with the community members whom it serves. 


Community Justice Committee      We have a Community Justice Committee of volunteer members of the Sagamok community – representing Elders, Youth, Men and Women – who involve themselves in the oversight of the healing process necessary to bring balance within the community and to reintegrate individuals back into the community.  The Community Justice Committee is involved in the approval of potential clients of the Miwdoodaa Minomaadiziwin Diversion program, ensuring that clients are informed and motivated to access community supports available to them.  The Committee also plays an advisory role in program development.


2018 is a year for Extensive Community Consultation and Engagement        In 2017, the Community Justice Program initiated a community engagement and consultation plan that will continue into 2018.  This plan drives forward a number of key strategic initiatives of the Community Justice Program that require the participation of Sagamok Anishnawbek community members, including: 



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