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Planning & Infrastructure




The Planning & Infrastructure Department is very similar to what other communities might refer to as their Public Works Department.  The responsibility to the organization is to manage the community infrastructure of Sagamok Anishnawbek.  We oversee the planning and maintenance of the existing and future infrastructure. 

The services we deliver are safe and reliable road systems, fresh, clean, treated water to homes, and safe and accessible public buildings.

Our main offices are located within the Administration Building located at 4007 Espaniel Road. 

Phone         (705) 865-2421

Hours of Office Operations               

                  9:00am- 4:30pm



Our Programs and Services

Our Planning & Infrastructure Department is structured into six (6) program areas that deliver services directly to our community members and organization. 



ispTechnical Services is comprised of four (4) staff members: 

  • Director
  • Public Works Clerk
  • Project Technologist
  • Data Systems Clerk

The Technical Services Unit:

  • maintains annual and project budgets supporting the other program areas
  • ensures workplans, the 5 year Comprehensive Community Plan and the 20 year Capital Planning Study are reviewed on a monthly and annual basis and are updated as milestones are achieved. 
  • provides technical support to ensure viable, cost effective and long-term solutions are achieved across the Planning & Infrastructure Department and Sagamok Anishnabek operations. 
  • ensures all funding reports are in compliance with all federal/provincial reporting requirements, and all funded tasks are completed and submitted to federal /provincial funding agencies by the required deadlines.
  • Technical Services provides technical advisory services to the departments.



new hallCommunity Infrastructure is a program of the Planning and Infrastructure Department responsible for ensuring that our public buildings, parks and recreation areas are safe places to visit, play and work.  The goal of the Community Infrastructure Department is to plan, organize, control and maintain Sagamok Anishnawbek's public infrastructure. 

The Community Infrastructure Department encompasses the following:

  • custodial services
  • building systems operations
  • general maintenance and repairs of band owned public buildings including CMHC homes, parks and recreation areas.  
  • The Community Infrastructure Department manages the following buildings: 

Administration Building

Community Wellness Department building

Shki-Waase Aaban Binoojinh

Multi-Educational Centre

Biidaaban Kinoomaagegamik, 

Youth and Fitness Centre

Enji Wii Jii Gaabwitaadaying Agaamik

the complex at Fort LaCloche




  • Community Infrastructure also manages the following recreational facilities: 

soccer field

baseball field

skateboard park


In support of the Sagamok Anishnawbek's goal to provide quality management, the Community Infrastructure Department strives to improve its' operations and works cooperatively with other departments to provide quality services.  The Community Infrastructure Department will provide services based on capacity and available resources and where applicable will refer to appropriate technicians and/or contractors (electrical, heating ventilation and air conditioning/HVAC and plumbing). 



Fire and Rescue is a program of the Planning and Infrastructure Department responsible for the protection and safety readiness of our community as it relates to fire protection and other emergency services. 

Fire Rescue has two divisions that work collaboratively to offer quality fire protection and safety services, as well as Emergency First Response services to our community.

fire truckFire Rescue responds to all 911 calls concerning requests for immediate fire protection services as well as emergency medical services.  Sagamok Fire and Rescue is first on the scene and works closely with other community partners, like the Anishinabek Police Services (APS).  Fire and Rescue also provides referral services for victims and patients.

Because safety is important to every community, the Sagamok Fire Department maintains a high visibility in the Sagamok community.  Our Fire and Emergency Services personnel engage the Sagamok community providing education and information on fire prevention and safety, as well as participating in all community and organizational functions. 

Fire and Rescue is managed and coordinated through our Fire Chief, Bruce Southwind, who is complimented by a volunteer-based fire protection team who respond to fires in our community and a volunteer-based First Response team who are first to respond to all types of community emergencies. 

Want to report an emergency?  Call 9-1-1. 

If you need immediate assistance - whether it be for a medical or safety issue requiring the police or fire department - always call 9-1-1 immediately. 

If it is a medical emergency or a fire, Sagamok Fire and Rescue services will be triggered and we will respond. 





roads truckRoads is a program of the Planning and Infrastructure Department responsible for managing our community's extensive roads systems.  At present, the department maintains 30 kms of roads comprised of 10 kms of gravel and 20 kms of hard surfaced roads.  In the winter, our Roads staff provide snow plowing, sanding and salting services to make sure our roads are safe for users.  When there is no snow, our Roads staff grade and provide dust control to our gravel roads and bushing along roadways to improve driving visibility and safety from falling branches. Roads also monitors water drainage in the community - especially around road systems - and they are responsible for clearing and digging ditches, as well as installing and repairing culverts.  At all times of the year, they fix washouts and potholes as needed, maintain streetlights, remove litter and maintain and install road signs.





Water is a program of the Planning and Infrastructure Department responsible for making sure that Sagamok community has access to a clean, safe supply of drinking water to their homes. 

Sagamok's Water Distribution System supplies water to 392 homes and 20 band buildings that are serviced by three wells within two pump-houses (Half-way Pump-house and Toulouse Pump-house). The distribution system has an elevated storage tank that has the capacity to store 90,000 liters.  It is currently classified as groundwater supplied with a Sodium Hypochlorite disinfection feed system.  Halfway pump-house is located on Pump house road which currently operates off two wells and Toulouse pump-house is located off Fort LaCloche road and currently operates off one well.  Hydrants are set up for flushing purposes and fire protection when needed. 

Water Monitoring     The water plant is monitored and recorded by one level 1 licensed operator and 1 operator trainee on a daily basis.  Daily water sampling and lab work is done on site to monitor turbidity, pH, temperature, free chlorine and total chlorine within the distribution system.  Weekly bacteriological and E.coli sampling (Colilert) is conducted within the distribution system and are sent to an accredited lab and also recorded.  Sagamok Anishnawbek water monitoring program has an agreement with Health Canada to consult and collect quarterly samples of our drinking water.  Ms. Lisa Vincent, Regional Environmental Health Officer is helpful in guiding our work here in Sagamok. 

The Water Program ensures:

  • the community has safe drinking water, monitoring and testing water daily, logging and reporting any adverse water conditions
  • new waterlines are replaces and broken waterlines are repaired
  • all staff possess up-to-date training in all license requirements
  • reports are made to the Director of Planning & Infrastructure
  • required liaise occurs with Health Canada
  • operator are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week




Waste Management is a program of the Planning and Infrastructure Department responsible for overseeing how waste is managed in the Sagamok community.  Waste Management directly manages the Sagamok landfill site, providing operational and maintenance functions that will ensure the long-term safe and effective use of the existing landfill site. 

Household Garbage Curbside Pickup

Waste Management provides curbside pickup of household garbage on Thursdays.  There is a two bag limit and each bag must not exceed 22 kilograms (40 lbs.). 

Household Recycling Curbside Pickup

Household recycling pickup is every Tuesday, recyclable materials accepted are:

Corrugated Cardboard-please flatten the cardboard box prior to placing out for collection.

Box Board-cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc., please remove insert and flatten box.

Paper and Paper Products-office paper, junk mail, news paper, etc.

Tin/Steel Cans-please rinse cans, ensure no food residue on/in container before placing in the blue bin.

Aluminum Cans-soda cans, cat/dog food cans, please rinse any food residue before placing in blue bin.   

Plastics-water bottles, soda bottles, detergent containers, bleach containers, milk jugs, any plastic bottle or container with the resin code # 1 and # 2.  Please rinse containers before placing in blue bin.

Plastic Bags-place all plastic bags into one bag before putting into blue bin.



Landfill Hours of Operation

Monday - Wednesday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sunday 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

***Please note that use of the Sagamok landfill is restricted to residents of the Sagamok community



There are designated areas at the landfill for household hazardous waste and construction waste.  When there is enough hazardous waste, it will be delivered to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot in Espanola for proper disposal.  There are separate areas for cement based materials, lumber, asphalt shingles, metals, and fiberglass insulation (which must be double bagged) before disposing at the landfill.  If any building materials can be re-used, it is recommended that they be placed in a separate area at the landfill.  Interested persons can  collect any reusable construction materials that are put aside.




Technical Services

  • Gary W. Toulouse, Director of Planning & Infrastructure, ext. 243
  • Kimberly Toulouse, Public Works Clerk, ext. 239
  • Laura Assinewe, Data Systems Clerk, ext. 260
  • Joe Trudeau, Project Technologist, ext. 261 

Community Infrastructure

  • Sadie Southwind, Community Infrastructure Department Manager, ext. 251
  • Dan Owl,  General Maintenance Worker/OBT   


  • Mark Eshkakogan, Senior Water Operator   
  • Kayla Abitong, Water/Waste Technician    


  • Merlin Abitong, Road Supervisor    
  • Melissa Poitras, Administrative Assistant   ext. 254 
  • Maurice Abitong,  Road Maintenance Worker   
  • Kyle Abitong, Heavy Equipment Operator    

Waste Management

  • Ezra Owl,  Waste Management Coordinator, ext. 284


  • Bruce Southwind, Fire Chief, ext. 211